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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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In Astronist soteriology, the terms agency, or more technically analiptic agency, are used to denote the functions of non-Astronist concepts such as the soul or God as mere agents of transcension as a result of Astronism's analipsocentricity.

Essentially, that if a person believes in God as holding the function of divine intervention in the world, then when interpreted through the Siderine Economy, God and divine intervention become an important agent for the endeavour of transcension. The fact that Astronists see transcension as the most important goal to achieve does not change whether a person believes in concepts such as the soul, the afterlife and God or not, or whether these concepts are objectively true or not. That is to say that the Astronist belief system is not contingent on these concepts being true to function but if they are indeed believed, then they at least hold function in the Astronist system.

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