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Analipsology, or less commonly scensiology, and formerly transcendology, is the branch of Astronist soteriology that specifically deals with the concept of transcension, namely involving the study of its nature and attainment. Analipsology differs from astrosoteriology in that the latter term encompasses the study of the whole process of Astronist salvation, with transcension playing just one albeit critical part in this salvific process by means of the astronomical world.

Analipsologists attempt to critically assess the validity of the assertion that transcension equates to or is a crucial part in humanity's salvation. They look to make rational justifications for or against this claim to try to decipher if and how this central Astronist belief is indeed true.


The prefix analipso- originates from the Greek term análipsi meaning "ascension" which is used in Astronism as analipsis; the suffix -ology denotes "the study of"; meaning "the study of ascension" which also may be understood as "the study of transcension."

Usage of terms

The Astronist term "transcension" denotes a form or aspect of salvation, specifically salvation derived from or otherwise achieved through the astronomical world. The concept of outer space as the source of salvation for humankind (a belief called perinism) is regarded as a dogma within Astronism, meaning that without this belief the current conception of the Astronist system would not be able to function. This classification of transcension as a dogma took place in 2021.

Due to the variety of senses in which the word "transcension" is used, it may be narrower than that of salvation but in other senses, it may envelope the term "salvation." Oftentimes, transcension is seen by Astronists as both a form of salvation but in a broader sense, transcension is regarded to denote not just a moral salvation which the term "salvation" traditionally denotes, but instead also a broader existential and intellectual salvation. Most often, the existential and intellectual dimensions of salvation are more emphasised in Astronism with the moral taking a secondary position albeit still retaining a degree of relevance.


  • Analipsological (adjective)
  • Analipsologically (adverb)
  • Analipsologist (noun)
  • Analipsologists (plural noun)

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