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Ann Pilkington (née Caddicke or Caddick; January 22, 1720 – September 16, 1809) was the 7th great-grandmother of Cometan, classified as one of his distant maternal ancestors in the Cottam family line. Born in Kirby-by-Melling in Lancashire in 1720, Ann married John Pilkington and had a least one daughter named Ellen (1748 – 1817). Ann is recorded as having outlived her husband for more than thirty years with his death occurring in 1772 and her in 1809 in Scarisbrick, Ormskirk at the age of eighty-eight. Her parents were James Caddick and Ellin Roughstich. 

In Cometanic ancestry, Ann is classified as part of the 9th generation retrograde, categorising her as a distant ancestor of Cometan.