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An annual life period is a single year in the life of Cometan and is fundamental to the organisation of the events in Cometan's life. In the context of cometanology, studying the life of the founder of Astronism means to consider it through these life periods, each of which holds an appellation that alludes to the overall dominant theme of that year e.g. The Year of Prolifics.

Annual life periods of Cometan commenced with The Year of The Gift which marked the beginning of Cometan's public life from the age fifteen. Annual life periods are then collected together to form eras which have varying lengths with an overarching common theme, the first of which was The Founding of Astronism era.

It is important to note that annual life periods are more associated with the chronology of Cometan and less so with the chronology of Astronism which is more associated with the aforementioned eras. Despite this, the annual life periods of Cometan dominated the timeline and history of Astronism for the duration of his life and became instrumental in grasping a detailed understanding of the series of events that lead to Astronism's development.

Annual life periods
No. Period title Years
The Founding of Astronism
1 The Year of The Gift 2013 – 2014
2 The Year of Ignorance 2014 – 2015
3 The Year of Enlightenment 2015 – 2016
4 The Year of Expansion 2016 – 2017
5 The Year of Consolidation 2017 – 2018
6 The Year of Prolifics 2018 – 2019
7 The Year of Completion 2019 – 2020
8 The Year of Manifestation 2020 – 2021
The Establishment of Astronism
9 The Year of Predissemination 2021 – 2022
10 The Year of Grand Intention 2022 – 2023