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Anocreation - the concept by which the creation of The Cosmos and The Universe occurred by infinite chance, that the inevitability of their creation always existed, and in an infinite time paradigm, it was inevitable that their creation would occur and it did; verb is anocreate, present participle is anocreating, past participle is anocreated, and nouns are anocreationism, anocreationist, anocreationistic, anocreationality, and anocreator.

Infinity paradigm - The notion that The Cosmos and The Universe could have been created by chance does hold logicality; from the principle that there must exist something first before something may exist, there must have existed an Infinity Paradigm in which some Divine entity, or so oppositely, nothing but eternality existed.

Infinite chance - the probability of something occurring if an infinite amount of space, time, and matter is available for it to occur; by this notion, we find anocreationism.