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Anothia is the concept of the centrality of the astronomical world in both life and in death in accordance with Astronism. This principle exists as a fundamental aspect of the Astronist belief system and is almost always assumed by the Astronist worldview of cosmocentrism. It is classified as a doctrine, meaning that it is considered true and relevant (though not incontrovertible), yet widely interpretable and applicable.

The related concept astrothanasia focuses on the post-corporeal aspect of Anothia by stating that the astronomical world certainly plays a crucial role in the events of death and the afterlife, often resulting in the conceptualisation of several cosmotic conditions (conditions eventually leading to cosmosis).


Various insentensations within the Omnidoxy have been interpreted as referring to this concept of Anothia, yet it is understood that the term and official formalising of the concept itself happened only post-omnidoxically and on the back of the pre-existent concept of astrothanasia.

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