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Appellatology is a dispositional discipline of study of Astronism dealing with the wide range of ways by which Astronism is addressed and involves the study of the various different names associated with Astronism. The most important concept within appellatology is multifaricity as that explores the nature of Astronism as being ascribed with a multitude of names and titles.

Appellatologists are involved with the organisation and arrangement of the appellations of Astronism into different categories as well as exploring how and why certain appellations are used. Appellatology encompasses the study of the origins of appellations for Astronism, their etymologies as well as their utility and purpose.

Certain appellations for Astronism focus on a particular aspect of the organised philosophy and some may even emphasis a single belief. Other appellations are created or gain popular for their usage in different areas such as in formal and legal scenarios as contrasted with conversational and colloquial scenarios. Appellatology also explores the history of different appellations and the rise and fall in popularity of certain appellations across different time periods.

Other religions

Appellatology, although finding its origins in Astronism, can be applied to the context of others religions and philosophies very easily. In that sense, it can be considered an Astronist contribution to the philosophy of religion.

The study of the names used to address different religions and philosophies through their histories informs us about how different groups perceived the belief system and what they saw to be the most important aspects of the system so as to emphasise particular elements through the creation and usage of certain appellations.

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