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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Not to be confused with Astronism or cosmocentricity.

Astrocentrism (also spelt Astronocentrism), or astrocentricity (also spelt Astronocentricity) is an ideological position holding that the astronomical world should play a central role in the theme of the governmental and civil administration of society. In contemporary times, this involves placing the space industry at the centre of economic policy while in ancient times, this involved the use of astronomy as a political and governmental tool. This belief orientation predicated upon a centricity originating from within Astronism that is similar, yet distinct, from the tenet of cosmocentrism. Forms of astrocentrism prior to the Astronist era are referred to as Archaeoastrocentrism.

While cosmocentrism advocates for a personal or even a human-wide centricity specifically of the entity known as The Cosmos from within the Millettarian cosmology, or of space more generally, astronocentrism calls for a centricity of The Cosmos, astronomy, or outer space in each human society, especially expressed via cultural institutions, with the construction of sophariums, or by the recognition of Astronism as organised philosophy.

Therefore, astronocentrism is distinct from the similarly termed cosmocentrism in that the subject of astronocentrism's beliefs is different from that of cosmocentrism. Astronocentric ideas and notions are firmly philosophical in their origins and intentions, although due to the nature of their subject, it is easy to understand how they may quickly cross into ideological territory.

An astronocentric society should not be confused with an Astronic society for although the latter is largely dependent upon the characteristics and application of the former, the same cannot be said for the former in relation to the latter.


Astronocentricity, astronocentrism, and the related adjective of astronocentric all derive their origins from within founding treatise of Astronism known as The Omnidoxy. The prefix of astro- or astrono- derives from the subject of astronomy with the suffix of -centricity, or -centric relates to having a specified viewpoint and displaying characteristics and beliefs that remain in alignment to that viewpoint.