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Not to be confused with geoastronology.

Astrogenology is a dispositional discipline of study within Astronism dealing with the geographical distribution of Astronism, the populations of Astronists, as well as the study of the worldwide community of Astronists, known as the Astrosa.

The branches of astrogenological study are mainly split according to geographical categories including:

Astrogenologists explore the nature, substance, and distribution of Astronism and Astronist beliefs and practices across particular geographical regions.

In addition to these branches of study, Astrosa studies and the discipline of telemity also exist. Astrosa studies particularly explores the diversity of the community of Astronists on a worldwide scale and can be considered as a form of anthropology particular to Astronism.

Astrogenological schema

The astrogenological schema refers to the way in which astrogenologists or geoastronologists divide and organise the various independent and dependent territories into different subregions. Below is the standardised schema of geoastronology as provided by the Astronist Institution.

Astronism by subregions







Branches of geoastronology

Not all countries and territories are provided with their own branches

Independent territories

Other territories

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