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The term astromancy is used to denote the practice of divining by the stars, especially the prehistoric, unorganised form of astrology.

The Astronist Institution designates Astrology as a form of divination and a pre-Astronist belief system belonging to the Astronic tradition. Centred on the practice of astromancy, or star divination, astrology is considered a cousin religion to Astronism. According to a recent survey, 29% of Americans believe in astrology, meaning that over 95 million Americans consider astrology to be true[1].

Astrologers proclaim the ability to foretell the future by means of interpreting the present positions of stars and what their positions were during the moment of one's birth.

In the Astronic historiography, astromancy (Astrology) is considered to have developed out of the original form of astronomical religion known as astrolatry (Astrolatrism).