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In political and social sciences, astronarianism (/ˈastrənɛːrɪənɪz(ə)m/), astronianism, or the ideology of Astronism, formerly known as millettarianism, is a philosophical, social, political, and economic spacist ideology originating from the Astronomic Revolution which itself emerged from both Astronist ideology and Astronist philosophy. The ultimate goal of astronarianism is to thematise society on astronomy and space exploration as to establish a cosmocentric and spacefaring society. Astronarianism is the principal form of political Astronism.

In a spacefaring society, socioeconomic order is structured upon the space industry, astrotourism, the application of capitalism to the context of space, as well as a widespread concern for spacial law, the protection of space, and the installation of the Astronist religion across society to underpin society.

It is categorised as a major aspect of Astronic ideology within the Astronic tradition and remains the predicator to all Astronist contributions to politics. Astronarianism is structured by four primary orientations known as grandism, reorientationism, proactionism, and reactionism.

Spacism is also founded by astronarianism but remains ectomillettic and so it cannot be classified as an orientation, but instead encompasses each orientation and provides the themes, outlines, issues, and concerns on which each orientation holds differing views from one another.

All pre-Astronist ideologies are applied to the context of astronarianism from capitalism to communism. All of these applications share their context in space and although astronarianism is defaulted to a capitalist economy, the application of a communist economy to astronarianism isn't without potential success.

Critics of astronarianism can be roughly divided into those concerning themselves with the practical aspects of 20th century astronarian states and those concerning themselves with astronarian principles and theory.


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