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the political dimension of Astronism characterised firstly, by its advocation for the space industry and related issues and policies to be made central to economic strategy and secondly, by its astrocentric principles manifested through the notion that space exploration should become a central aspect of the national ideology due to its integrality to future economic growth.

  • the organisation of astrocentric principles into a formal political ideology.

  • a political party or system with a theme of outer space exploration.


  • Astronarian | ˈastrənɛːrɪən | adjective
  • Astronianism | ˈastrənɪənɪz(ə)m | noun

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix astro-, denoting the astronomical world, combined with the suffix -arian denoting having a concern for or belief in a specified thing followed by the suffix -ism denoting a belief system especially as manifested in a treatise; meaning ‘ideological system based on the affairs of outer space.’