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Astronautic humanism, sometimes stylised as astro-humanism, and may also be referred to by some supporters as true humanism or cosmic humanism, is a space-themed philosophy that is classified as a non-Institutional denomination of Astronism and is the primary confession of the Space Renaissance movement. Stylised as a type of humanist philosophy with a central focus on expanding human civilisation into outer space, astronautic humanism's primary concept is the Open-Closed System dichotomy.

As of April 2021, following the First Vicinal Assembly, astronautic humanism was not in vicinality with the Astronist Institution which means that it does not conform to Astronist orthodoxy yet remains Astronistic in orientation in the Astronic tradition.

In March 2022, the term astronautic humanism was adopted by the Astronist Institution to refer to a naturalistic or atheistic form of Astronism advocated for by the naturalist school of Astronist philosophy that essentially rejects any notion that transcension, cosmosis or astrosis possess supernatural properties or components.

Open-Closed System

Astronautic humanism's dichotomy of the Open-Closed System centres on the notion that the Earth is a system of resources that is relatively limited and therefore is a closed system. This means that the resources available to human civilisation will ultimately run out in the near-future yet this inevitability clashes with the human desire for growth and expansion. Astronautic humanism sees expansion into outer space –– a system of relatively unlimited resources, therefore called an open system –– as the primary answer to the impending extinction of humankind if the resources of the Earth are entirely used up.


In the philosophy of astronautic humanism, degrowthist is primarily used as a pejorative term. It refers to those individuals and organisations accused of seeking to reduce human industrial and commercial activity on the basis that the Earth, as a closed system, will be irreversibly damaged by continuous growth both in human population and in human use of resources. Such individuals as Serge Latouche have been referred to as de-growthists.

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