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Not to be confused with the emotion astronality.

Astroncy, sometimes spelt and pronounced as astrancy, and also referred to as stellancy, is a type of sociocultural system and related institutions that manifests through designated behaviours and practices, beliefs, worldviews, texts, figures, moral codes, doctrines, and ideologies, that relate humanity to the astronomical world, either spiritually, physically, politically, or religiously. Astronism is considered the first astronality in the contemporary use of the word, but astroncies are considered to have existed since the Stone Age, others including astrology, or astrolatry

Cometan originally coined the term astroncy to denote the quality of being an astronous person. As Cometan became dissatisfied with the present designations for what his forming system of Astronism was, he decided to create a second meaning for the word astroncy. This second meaning would denote a type of system and its associated institutions with the intention of its use instead of or akin to religion, spirituality, philosophy, and/or ideology.

The term astroncy is now being more popularly used in Astronist discourse as the true designation of Astronism which embodies the amalgamation of a religion, a spirituality, a philosophy, and an ideology, the use of any one of such terms considered to only undermine the uniqueness of Astronism. As such, in Astronist discourse, astronality is considered to stand alongside the four other major designations of religion, philosophy, spirituality, and ideology.

Second meaning

Astroncy is a post-omnidoxical term of Cometanic origin that also may relate to the extent to which a person is intellectually and religiously considerate of The Cosmos