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noun (also astrancy)

  1. a type of sociocultural system in which space exploration is considered an extricative (redemptive and freeing) endeavour for humanity, a belief which usually coincides with the principle that the astronomical world is the source of existential purpose and is the central theme along which astroncy's related institutions, figures, and history are formalised into the Astronic tradition.
    • a particular system of astronality, or perspective on it.
    • contemplation or consideration of the astronomical world, especially as a practice conducted as part of an Astronic religion or philosophy.
  2. denoting the Astronist quality of being concerned the astronomical world as a source of knowledge, belief, and truth.
  3. the extent to which, or instance in which a person is astronous; finds spirituality, religiosity, philosophicality or existential meaning from the astronomical world.
  4. a person's opinions on space exploration, especially its ethics, and their beliefs and experiences regarding all aspects of the astronomical world (e.g. the existence of extraterrestrial life, astronality etc.), considered collectively and is associated as a protected characteristic according to Astronist theory.
    • a system dividing individuals according to their opinions and beliefs about the astronomical world, and in future times, the division of humanity according to time travelled in or the extent of a person's experience of outer space; again, considered a protectable characteristic in Astronist theory.


  • Astroncies | əˈstrɒnsiːs | (also Astrancies) plural 
  • Astroncial | əˈstrɒnɪəl | (also Astrancial) adjective
  • Astroncer | əˈstrɒnsə | noun

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