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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The Astronic Triumvirate, more commonly known as the three means or the three ways, or simply as the Triumvirate, is an Astronist etymological appellation relating to the notion that the noun astrony which forms the basis for the primary etymology of Astronism joins astrolatry and astromancy to complete all human modes of astronomical connection and communication.

Astrony, which is synonymous with the beliefs of Astronism, represents contemplations of The Cosmos, astrolatry represents worship of The Cosmos while astromancy represents divination and spiritual connection to The Cosmos. This etymological appellation holds a deeper connection to the beliefs of Astronism than what one may immediately realised.

The notion that astrony, which is essentially representing Astronism, is the completing element of a group of three forms of interaction with The Cosmos points to the notion of Astronism as being the completing aspect of wider astronomical religion, hence Astronism initiates and is suited to lead the revival of such religions. Therefore, this etymological appellation really highlights Astronism's role and function as the final and completing factor of astronomical religion as a whole.