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This article is about a non-fiction entity related to the Astronist belief system or the Astronic tradition.
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Astronic tradition
Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.

Astronic philosophy
Astronic religions
Astronic mythology
Astronic ideology
  • Astronic - encompasses the entirety of the Astronic tradition of religions, philosophies, and cultures and also includes all that is described as Astronist and Millettic.
  • Pre-Astronic - refers to religions, philosophy, and culture that predates the traditional origins of the Astronic tradition, namely the Upper Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age (30,000-40,000 years ago).
  • Non-Astronic - refers to religions, philosophies and cultures that do not belong to the Astronic tradition (e.g. Abrahamic and Dharmic religions).
  • Astronist - directly refers to Astronism and all that is encompassed by Astronism including Astronist theology, Astronist philosophy, and Astronist culture.
  • Pre-Astronist - relating to anything occurring or holding its origins prior to The Founding of Astronism.
  • Post-Astronist - relating to anything occurring or holding its origins after The Founding, The Establishment and The Dissemination of Astronism.
  • Non-Astronist - relating to anything that is not Astronist, but is still classified as either Millettic or, in a wider sense, Astronic.
  • Millettic / Millettarian - directly relating to Millettic philosophy, Millettic culture, and Millettic literature.
  • Pre-Millettic - relating to anything with origins or occurring prior to the founding and development of Millettic culture and philosophy (which is the same time period for The Founding of Astronism).
  • Post-Millettic - relating to anything with origins or that which occurs after the founding and development of Millettic culture.
  • Non-Millettic - relating to anything that is Astronic, but that is not Millettic; essentially, anything Astronist; sometimes used in a more general sense to refer to something that is neither Millettic nor Astronic.
  • Cometanic - relating to something with origins from the personage of Cometan or during the lifetime of Cometan.
  • Pre-Cometanic - occurring or holding origins before the birth or public life of Cometan.
  • Post-Cometanic - occurring or holding origins after the death of Cometan.
  • Non-Cometanic - of a concept, belief, or creative work, not of Cometanic origin, especially applied to subjects with origins during the lifetime of Cometan.