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1. Brief Contents of the Omnidoxy

2. Contents of the Omnidoxy

3. About Astronism

4. About Cometan

5. Acknowledgements

6. A Tradition of Polyagency

7. Authorship of the Omnidoxy

8. Chronology of the Omnidoxy

9. Cometanic Edition

10. Createdness of the Omnidoxy

11. Dedicatory

12. Epigraph of the Omnidoxy

13. Etymology of the Omnidoxy

14. Inimitability of the Omnidoxy

15. Introduction of Indexment

16. Introduction of Insentence

17. Neology of the Omnidoxy

18. Note from The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism

19. Omnidoxical Foreword

20. Omnidoxicality

21. Personal Inspiration

22. Preface of the Omnidoxy

23. Structure of the Omnidoxy

24. Technical Note

25. The Twenty-Five Refoundations of Philosophy

26. The Identity & Purpose of The Philosopher

27. The Reascension of Philosophy

28. The Commencement of The Cosmos

29. The Eidouranium, The Observatory, The Promontory & The Planetarium

30. The Story of Cometan

31. The Astronicon

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Not to be confused with the publication The Astronicon.

The Astronicon, also less popularly known as the Cosmonomicon, is the thirty-first and final segment of the Preppendix of the Omnidoxy. It proceeds the segment known as The Story of Cometan.

The Astronicon narrates an extensive series of mythical stories set in space and is considered the principal originator of Astronist mythology and became a significant contributor to wider Astronic mythology.

Exclusion from the Omnidoxy

Main article: Exclusion of the Astronicon

On 6th November 2021, the Astronist Institution announced that the Astronicon, whose publication as part of the Omnidoxy had previously been delayed due to Cometan's other commitments, would not be included as part of the Omnidoxy overall. The Astronicon will therefore be published at a later time although verification yet as to whether it will appear as part of the upcoming Astrodoxy has not been made. The primary rationale behind the Astronicon's exclusion from the Omnidoxy was cited as the fact that because the initial ideation for the Astronicon emerged either very close to the publication of or even after the publication of the Omnidoxy in February 2019, its publication as part of the initial publication of the Omnidoxy was not possible. However, although it was planned that Cometan would write the Astronicon shortly thereafter, the events of the Interdoxical Period occurred which brought about fresh commitments for Cometan and therefore relegated the Astronicon to a lesser priority. As the Interdoxical Period has now ended and the Astrodoxical Period has begun, the writing of the Astronicon under the now well-passed Omnidoxical Period and writing style seemed inappropriate. As a result, Cometan and Institutional staff decided that the Astronicon will not be published as part of the Omnidoxy which makes the Omnidoxy's final word count just over 1.7 million words and therefore the second longest religious/philosophical text after the Mahābhārata. Because the Astronicon's publication as part of the Astrodoxy still remains unconfirmed the canonicity of the Astronicon, namely its position and classification in the context of the Canon of Astronism, is regelated and is in dispute.