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550px-North Africa (orthographic projection)

Orthographic projection of the subregion of North Africa.

In the field of philosophical demographyAstronism in North Africa or North African Astronism refers to the study of the presence of Astronism involving its diversity, potency, and the nature of its organisation across the countries of the North African subregion of the continent of Africa.

Although entirely included within the study of Astronism in the Arab world, this study is not synonymous with that study. In alphabetical order, this includes Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.

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Other terms[]

Several terms are used to refer to the presence of Astronism in North Africa including:

  • Astro-North African philosophy
  • Astro-North African religion
  • Astro-North African spirituality
  • North African astroncy
  • North African Astronism
  • North African astronomical religion
  • North African Cosmism
  • North African space religion

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