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The Vendox, symbol of Astronism (left) and the symbol of Freemasonry (right)

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The relationship between Astronism and Freemasonry has been complex since the founding of the former in the 21st century by the philosopher, Cometan. Not only was Cometan an initiated Freemason not long after his eighteenth birthday, he is also classified as one of the youngest initiated Freemasons in history.

This has inevitably sparked viral debate regarding the sincerity and originality of Astronism's founding years and has also fuelled speculation that Astronism is actually an Illuminati-funded new religion, such claims of which Cometan has always vehemently denied.

Cometan in the Freemasons[]

Cometan was initiated into Freemasonry just a one month or so following his eighteenth birthday, which makes him the second youngest initiated Freemasons in recorded history of Masonic initiations.

Cometan was initiated at the Lancaster Masonic Hall in Lancaster, England. His initiation occurred sometime in the late summer or early autumn of 2016 following his eighteenth birthday, but he had been associated with that particular Masonic group for at least a year prior to his actual initiation.

It is known that Cometan participated irregularly in Masonic events and ceremonies and that he completed his Second Degree, but never advanced to the crucial Third Degree. About one and a half years following his initiation, Cometan officially ended his regular participance at the Lancaster Masonic Hall with a termination letter.

Following his departure, Cometan has been open about his membership in the Freemasons, but has said very little about his experiences inside the fraternity due to the vow of secrecy that all Masons take upon initiation.

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