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Taxonomy of Astronism at the end of the Founding era (2021).

A denomination of Astronism, also referred to as an Astronist denomination, is a distinct movement within Astronism that comprises all groups of the same kind, identifiable by traits such as a name, common history, organisational structure, leadership, doctrine, philosophical orientation, styles and sometimes a founder in whom authority is vested, typically as a result of their writings and life events, or their personage and legacy. It is a secular and neutral term that may be used in a general sense to denote any established Astronist organisation or group. Unlike a sect, a denomination is usually seen as part of the Astronist mainstream.

Astronism can be principally divided into those denominations which are in vicinality with the Astronist Institution (called Institutional denominations) and those which are not (called non-Institutional denominations). Secondary to this taxonomical categorisation, there are a variety of terms used to denote the specific orientations of certain movements that distinguish them fellow denominations.

Separations between denominations typically occur as a result of disagreements on authority and doctrine; issues such as the nature and correct methods of transcension, the proprietorship of the Institution, the dichotomy between astronaturalist and transtellationist schools of thought, the nature of astrosis and cosmosis, intervenience of The Divine, the authority of the Omnidoxy, prismatics, the role of Cometan, eschatology, astrosoteriology, and approaches to the exploration of outer space are some key determiners. Groups of denominations—often sharing broadly similar beliefs, practices, and historical ties—are sometimes known as "segments of Astronism" although these segments continue to differ in many ways, especially through differences in practices and belief.



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Vicinality is a term that originated in the Omnidoxy and it has been used ever since to denote when something, especially a denomination, is in direct relations and cooperation with the Astronist Institution. A vicinal entity is therefore one that is in mutual relations with The Institution and is also recognised by The Institution for it claims to be.

The opposite of the state of vicinality is that which is known as avicinality. An avicinal entity is one which does not hold relations or is in anyway in cooperation with the Astronist Institution and is therefore not recognised by The Institution for whatever it claims to be. Often, avicinality is associated with being a sect of Astronism, but to be avicinal is not just to disagree with The Institution, but that it is to disregard its proprietorship over Astronism as vested by Cometan in the Omnidoxy.


In the context of Astronism, the term denomination holds a different meaning than it does in wider religious study. A denomination is a form of Astronism that exists as a collection of beliefs and practices distinct from Institutional Astronism often by differences in language, but is not institutionally or organisationally separate from the Astronist Institution and is therefore still considered as being part of Astronism.

Essentially, a denomination may hold different terms, practices, and beliefs different from those espoused by Institutional Astronism, but organisationally, the denomination maintains the proprietorship of the Astronist Institution over Astronism. Astronist denominations often comprise of a number of subdenominations which are most often associated with particular countries and ethnic groups.


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A subdenomination in Astronism is a collectivity of beliefs and practices associated with a particular group that are classified as being part of a wider denomination by Astronist scholarship and also maintain the proprietorship of the Astronist Institution over Astronism.


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A sect of Astronism differs from a denomination in that a sect is an established organisation separate from the Astronist Institution and does not maintain that the proprietorship of the Astronist Institution is true often coupled with claims that its own organisation is the true proprietor over Astronism. Often, sects also hold fundamentally different beliefs and understandings of Astronism from those upheld by the Astronist Institution, especially when such differences stretch beyond differences in terminology.



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Denominationalism is a person's particular adherence to an Astronist denomination, particularly a national or ethnic form of Astronism, but especially in such a way that their adherence to that denomination overrides their adherence, identification and affiliation with wider Astronism.


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Adenominationalism is the belief that no particular denomination of Astronism, including Institutional Astronism itself, holds legitimacy to say that they are the true manifestation or form of Astronism and so disregards all claims of proprietorship and superiority of denominations and sects.


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Non-denominationalism is the belief that all denominations of Astronism and even all Astronist sects hold legitimacy in their claims to represent a true form of Astronism as long as their beliefs are logically justified and they respect every other group's legitimacy as their beliefs are also logically justified and are open to rational challenge. Adenominationalism is a manifestation of the Philosophical Spirit and can be considered as a form of placation to minimise differences between denominations and sects in order to attain unity amongst all forms and approaches to Astronism.


Main article: Taxonomy of Astronism, List of Astronist denominations

The denominations of Astronism are principally divided between the Institutional and the non-Institutional; essentially, those denominations which are in vicinality with the Astronist Institution and those which are not.

Non-Institutional denominations

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Non-Institutional denominations of Astronism are those organisations and groups that are classified as Astronist yet are not in vicinality with the Astronist Institution, namely because they reject either the proprietorship of the Astronist Institution, fundamentals of Astronist orthodoxy, or they do not adhere to Institutional dispensations.

Institutional denominations

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Institutional denominations of Astronism are those organisations and groups classified as Astronist and who have also formally come into vicinality with the Astronist Institution yet remain to varying degrees organisationally and philosophically autonomous from the Institution itself. Of course, the Astronist Institution, as the founding denomination of Astronism, is itself an Institutional denomination. To be an Institutional denomination, the denomination follows the dispensations of the Institution while also affirming both the Institution's proprietorship of Astronism as well as Astronist orthodoxy.

Denominational organisations

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A denominational organisation is an organisation, either for-profit or non-profit, that has its primary confession as an Astronist denomination, either an Institutional denomination or a non-Institutional one. Listed below are the current denominational organisations of Astronism:

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