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Astronist futurology

The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Astronist prophecy · Departationism · Great Departation · Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos · Intracosmism · Mondialism · Sentientism

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Astronic eschatology · Cosmic philosophy

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Astronist futurology is a dispositional discipline of Astronism dealing with a myriad of subject matters principally involving the future of humanity in religious, economic, political, and societal spheres.

Astronist futurology is not concerned with the future of individuals as such a matter is more eschatological in nature. However, Astronist futurology is instead focused on the future of human society and civilisation as a whole especially as based on current social trends.

For this reason, the central Astronist belief in transcension can be described as a futurological belief regarding the future of human civilisation. It is from this that the transcensionist school of thought emerged.

Also important to Astronist futurology is the Astronist worldview of cosmocentrism which largely informs how Astronists see the future. Astronists consider the future of humanity regularly as an important part of their beliefs and practices. Unlike in other religious traditions wherein concepts such as Armageddon have emerged, the Astronist view of the future is mainly positive and based on scientific discovery i.e. space exploration.

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