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Astronist philosophy of religion

Astronist philosophy of religion


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Forms of religion

Familialism · Organisationalism

Ideology · Religion · Organised philosophy · Philosophy

Other designations
Anecdotal · Conceptual · Doctrinal · Inspired · Materialistic · Mother religion · Narrative · Revealed · Somatic · Statistical ·

Aspects of religion
Astronic religious industry · Astronic urreligion · Beginningness · Conceptuality · Digital evangelism · Identification · Nithism · Promulgability · Religious marketing · Religious retail

Commercialisation · Commodification · Economisation · Refoundation · Theomorphosis

Approaches to religion
Astronist naturalism · Astronist supernaturalism · Companarianism · Habitualism · Preternaturalism · Selectivism · Tactilism
Astronist theories of religion
Ambiguation principle · Disproportionalism · Diversity of Thought · Flipping The Table theory · Narrative-Conceptual Spectrum · Narrativity · Open market · Three Word model · Too Transcendent To Fail

Centricity · Functionality · Naturality · Palpability · Validity

(Corism · Indifferentism · Ultrism)

Religious concentricity
(Core · Miderior · Periphery)

Scale of religious expression
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Religious traditions

Abrahamism · Astronicism · Dharmism · Indigenism · Iranian religions · Neopaganism · Neoreligion · Secularistic religion · Spiritualistic religion · Taoicism

List of religions by tradition

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The Astronist philosophy of religion is the body of concepts and beliefs interpreting religion from an Astronist and largely Cometanic perspective.


Main article: Metareligion


Main article: Familialism


Main article: Organisationalism


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Organised philosophy


Related terms: Belief system, Faith, Worldview

Other designations

Anecdotal religion

Main article: Anecdotal religion

Conceptual religion

Main article: Conceptual religion

The second major category of religious groupings in the Astronist philosophy of religion relates to a class of religions that hold narratives, but whose focus is placed more on the concepts, ideas, and beliefs rather than the narrative of its founder or of prominent figures.

Religions are expected to move along the Narrative-Conceptual Spectrum during different periods of their existence according to external influences and the needs and knowledge of the populous. Debates can be had regarding the narrativity and the conceptuality of religions.

  • Astronism
  • Bahá'í Faith
  • Confucianism
  • Jainism
  • Sikhism
  • Taoism

Doctrinal religion

Main article: Doctrinal religion

Inspired religion

Main article: Inspired religion

Materialistic religion

Main article: Materialistic religion

Mother religion

Main article: Mother religion

Narrative religion

Main article: Narrative religion

A religion that is centred on the actions of a particular person as told through an elaborate set of stories, often involving miracles and supernatural occurrences. All religions hold a narrative about their founders and prominent figures, however, it is the extent to which the religion's belief system relies on that narrative for its continuation.

As a result, a spectrum could be created that places religions along it according to the extent to which they rely on a narrative for their belief system to continue. This is known as the Narrative-Conceptual Spectrum. Religions that are classified as narrative will not all share the same extent of narrativity such as Buddhism and Christianity, the former of which is less reliant on a narrative than the latter.

  • Buddhism
  • Chinese folk religion (Shenism)
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Shintoism
  • Zoroastrianism

National / Ethnic religion

In the Astronist philosophy of religion, one important category of religions are the national and ethnic religions which are contrasted with the universal religions. According to Astronist scholarship, national/ethnic religions are closely associated with a particular country, its culture, its civilisation, and its ethnic group and even though these religions may be understood and may even be applied to and flourish in other cultures and people groups, they continue to represent a particular method or behaviour associated with a particular country or ethnic group. According to Astronist scholarship, the following are national and/or ethnic religions:

  • Chinese folk religion (Shenism)
  • Confucianism
  • Judaism
  • Shintoism

Revealed religion

Main article: Revealed religion

Somatic religion

Main article: Somatic religion

Statistical religion

Main article: Statistical religion

Aspects of religion

Astronic religious industry

Main article: Astronic religious industry

Astronic urreligion

Main article: Astronic urreligion


Main article: Beginningness

Conceptuality of religion

Main article: Conceptuality of religion

Digital evangelism

Main article: Digital evangelism


Main article: Identification


Main article: Nithism


Main article: Promulgability

Religious marketing

Main article: Religious marketing

Religious retail

Main article: Religious retail



Main article: Commercialisation of religion


Main article: Commodification of religion


Main article: Economisation of religion


Main article: Refoundation


Main article: Theomorphosis

Approaches to religion

Astronist naturalism

Main article: Astronist naturalism

Astronist supernaturalism

Main article: Astronist supernaturalism


Main article: Companarianism


Main article: Habitualism


Main article: Preternaturalism


Main article: Selectivism


Main article: Tactilism

Astronist theories of religion


Main article: Comparative Astronism


Main article: Devotality

Religious concentricity

Main article: Religious concentricity

Scale of religious expression

Main article: Scale of religious expression

List of other Astronist theories of religion

Approaches to studying Astronism

  • theological (qualitative)
  • philosophical (qualitative)
  • sociological (qualitative) (ethnic and cultural composition, interaction of different communities within the public arena, reporting facts about intercultural relations
  • institutional (quantitative) (management, development of policies and programmes, regulation)
  • ideological (qualitative)  (how to improve) (philosophical reflection on the workings of Astronism, exploring reactions of communities to government agendas)

Religious traditions

Main article: List of religions by tradition


Main article: Abrahamism


Main article: Astronic religions


Main article: Dharmism


Main article: Indigenism

Iranian religions

Main article: Iranian religions


Main article: Neopaganism


Main article: Neoreligion

Secularistic religion

Main article: Secularistic religions

Spiritualistic religion

Main article: Spiritualistic religions


Main article: Taoic religions

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