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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Astronist religion, also referred to as the religion of the stars, is one of four branches of Astronism alongside Astronist philosophy, Astronist spirituality and Astronist ideology that is characterised by its concern for the spiritual, existential, eschatological, theological, and moral aspects of life.

Astronist religion - the astronomical world is a source of spirituality that is experienced through the emotion of astronality, that the astronomical world is fundamentally involved with events occurring after death and is the source of answers to questions regarding life meaning, human chosenness or supremacy, existence etc., that through nature it dispenses moral virtues, and that as a totality, it is a guiding realm to be mystically, intellectually, physically, and mentally explored. 

  • Astrosis 
  • Cosmosis 
  • Transtellation
  • Naturalism