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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Astronist spirituality, also known as Spiritual Astronism, or the spirituality of Astronism, is one of four branches of Astronism that emerged as a result of Cometan's Great Elucidation and which stand alongside, yet remain distinct from, Astronist religion, Astronist philosophy, and Astronist ideology. These branches represent the four different ways in which a person may interact with or otherwise follow Astronism which may be undertaken independently of one another or in combination.

Specifically, Astronist spirituality is the collection of beliefs and practices within Astronism that are characterised by their emphasis on The Cosmos as a source of spirituality that can be interacted with in a variety of ways; this form of spirituality is known as astrospirituality. Crucially, this involves spiritual and religious beliefs, experiences, and practices independent of organised Institutional Astronism which represents Astronist religion and is headed by the main denomination of the Astronist Institution.

Astrospirituality is classified as a post-omnidoxical form of Astronism of Cometanic origin that emphasises above all other beliefs and practices of Astronism, the mystical and spiritual elements of the organised philosophy such as astrocism and astrosis. Astrospirituality is also classified as a dispositional discipline of Astronism dealing with the study of all mystical and spiritual aspects of Astronism.

Astrospirituality is closely associated with the dispositional discipline of Astronic mysticism but is distinguished by its general concern for spirituality integrated with the beliefs and practices of Astronism rather than the specific mystical pursuits within Astronism.