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In propenology, Astronist supernaturalism is a collection beliefs within Astronism based on the framework of religious naturality from the Astronist philosophy of religion. These beliefs are absent of all natural explanations and are extreme enough to be classified as supernatural. 

In the context of comparative figures, supernaturalism or supernaturality refers to a set of actions or characteristics proclaimed by a religion to be attributable to a particular figures. These characteristics must be of a divine nature in order to be considered supernatural, as distinguished from being preternatural or simply natural. Such characteristics or actions include:  

  • Assumption into heaven (e.g. the Assumption of Mary) 
  • Bilocation (e.g. Our Lady of the Pillar) 
  • Control over nature (e.g. Jesus walking on water, The Golden Bowl in Buddhism, The Floating Hairknot in Buddhism) 
  • Divine incarnation (e.g. Jesus in Christianity) 
  • Divine revelation (e.g. Muhammad in Islam, Jospeh Smith in Mormonism) 
  • Entering heaven alive (e.g. Jesus's ascension, and Muhammad's Isra and Mi'raj in Islam) 
  • Intercession (e.g. ability of saints to intercede after death) 
  • Levitation (e.g. Saint Joseph of Cupertino) 
  • Mediumship (e.g.  
  • Multiplication (e.g. Feeding of the five-thousand by Jesus) 
  • Natural contradictions (e.g. virgin birth of Jesus, The Twin Miracle of Gautama Buddha in Buddhism, Muhammad's Splitting of the Moon miracle, Jesus turning water into wine, Crossing the Red Sea miracle of Moses)
  • Psychokinesis
  • Resurrecting others (e.g. the raising of Lazarus)  
  • Self-resurrection (e.g. Jesus in Christianity) 
  • Thoughtography  
  • Transfiguration (e.g. the Transfiguration of Jesus) 

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