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Astronist symbolism

noun (also Astrosymbolism)

the study of the body of symbols associated with Astronism as well as the Astronist interpretation of symbols.


  • Astrosymbolic | ˈastrəʊsɪmˈbɒlɪk | adjective
  • Astrosymbolical | ˈastrəʊsɪmˈbɒlɪk(ə)l | adjective
  • Astrosymbolically | ˈastrəʊsɪmˈbɒlɪk(ə)li | adverb
  • Astrosymbology | ˈastrəʊsɪmˈbɒlədʒi | noun
  • Astrosymbologist | ˈastrəʊsɪmˈbɒlədʒɪst | noun

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the concept of an Astronist symbolism developed very early on in the Founding era as part of some of Cometan’s early writings in the Omnidoxy and in pre-Omnidoxical texts such as The Grand Cradle