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Astronist theory is the branch of Astronist philosophy serving as the extension of Astronism into theoretical, fictional, or philosophical discourse. It aims to understand the nature, role and function of the astronomical world and the endeavour of space exploration in relation to human society, in either a contemporary or historical context, and in relation to either a specific civilisation or to humanity as a whole.

It examines and comments upon the societal role of astronomical observation as well as space exploration, especially regarding the experiences, interests, choices, and politics of those involved in such activities. As a result, it crosses many different disciplines in its research including, but not limited to, astronomy, religion, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, archaeology, futurology and psychology.

Essentially, Astronist theory focuses on analysing astronomy in relation to sentient species able to engage with outer space, either physically or observationally. Such analyses are conducted from the Astronist perspective which is manifested through the worldview of cosmocentrism.


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