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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The worldview of Astronism is the particular way in which Astronists consider reality and incorporates a vast array of presumed beliefs that come together to form a basis upon which they are later able to exist and rely upon. Astronist worldview is classified as a dispositional discipline within Astronism.

In the first instance of studying Astronism (or any other religion or philosophy), a comprehensive understanding of the Astronist worldview is essential because all other beliefs are predicated upon this worldview. Additionally, all other Astronist beliefs presume knowledge and understanding of the worldview upon which they are predicated in order to give context to such beliefs.

Fundamentally, the Astronist worldview is cosmocentric. This means that rather placing The Earth (geocentric), humanity (anthropocentric), or God (theocentric) at the centre of belief, purpose, reason, and destiny, The Cosmos and all astronomical progeny and phenomena which is included within The Cosmos are given the centrality.

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