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Cometan is the founder of a belief system which he named Astronism in 2018 and began self-identifying as an Astronist which denotes a person following Astronism or anything relating to Astronism.

For other uses, see Astronist.

Not to be confused with an astronaut, astronomer, or an astrologer.

Astronists (/əsˈtrɒnɪst/) are people who follow or adhere to Astronism, either as their religion, their philosophy, or their political ideology. Astronists may also be referred to as Astroners, Astrians, Astronians, or Astrosophers. Astronist is the demonym for the Astronist philosophy and religion, however, those adhering to Astronist political ideology are more commonly referred to as Astronarians.

While there are diverse interpretations of Astronism which sometimes conflict, Astronists are united by their belief in the significance of the astronomical world as a source of spirituality, guidance, destiny, and existential purpose.

The term "Astronist" used as an adjective is descriptive of anything associated with Astronism or Astronist denominations, persons, beliefs or practices, or in a proverbial sense "all that is astronomical in orientation." It means that a person possesses beliefs, convictions, or engages in practices that are centred on the astronomical world.

In the beginning of Astronism, all Astronists were what are known as "Institutionists" whom are Astronists that believe that Astronism should be governed by the Astronist Institution as the religion and philosophy's dispenser.


The term Astronist is form by the prefix astro- or astron- and the suffix -ist meaning "follower of the astronomical". The first recorded use of the term was in 1999 by Stephen Livesey Ashworth, recorded as the founder of Astronist Publishing at Oxford in a November 1999 edition of The Bookseller.[1] Ashworth has since self-identified as an Astronist in both his book publications and online including his website

Cometan first used the term Astronist to refer to his religious identity five years after the concept of Astronism was initially ideated by him. The date given to the naming Cometan's religion as Astronism (and therefore giving rise to the term Astronist) is 17th October 2018 according to the Astronist Institution and the Astronist Historiographical Record. Before that date, Astronism was referred to as Millettism and a follower of Millettism was called a Millettarian. After being troubled by the inaptronymity of the appellation Millettism, Cometan decided to rename the entire philosophy and religion and all related terms to approximate Astronism.


According to the Astronist Institution, the current definition of Astronist is:

Astronists are individual persons, organisations or whole groups that see the astronomical world, both its observation and exploration, as the central source of their spirituality, existential meaning and personal guidance, and as a result, such persons or organisations are seeking to fulfil their astronalities and to attain astrosis.


Here is a list of translations for the term Astronist:

Language Demonym Script
Afrikaans Astronis
Albanian Astronist
Amharic Astronisiti
Arabic Astaruni
Armenian Astronist
Azerbaijani Astronist
Basque Astronista
Belarusian Astranist
Bengali Astrāna অন্তরীক্ষধর্মী
Bosnian Astronista
Bulgarian Astronistki
Catalan Astronista
Cebuano Astronista
Chichewa Wachiastron
Chinese Astrojiào tú
Corsican Astronista
Croatian Astronistički
Czech Astronista
Danish Astronist
Dutch Astronist
English Astronist
Esperanto Astronisto
Estonian Astronistlik
Filipino Astronista
Finnish Astronalainen
French Astroniste
Frisian Astronist
Galician Astronísta
Georgian Astronist'i
German Astronist
Greek Astronistís
Haitian Creole Astronis
Hausa Astronurci
Hawaiian Astronor
Hebrew עסתרוניסת
Hindi Astronist अन्तरीक्षधर्मी
Hungarian Astronista
Icelandic Astronisti
Indonesian Astronis
Italian Astronista
Japanese Asutoronyōto
Javanese Astronis
Kannada Kāmeṭanisṭ
Kazakh Astronïst
Khmer Astronis
Korean Cheonmunsa
Kurdish (Kurmanji) Astronîst
Kyrgyz Astronist ayal
Latin Astronistarum
Latvian Astronistu
Lithuanian Astronistas
Luxembourgish Astronistesch
Macedonian Astronist
Malagasy Astronist
Malay Astronis
Malayalam Jyēātiśāstrajñan
Maltese Astronisti
Maori Pūtimana
Mongolian Astronist
Myanmar (Burmese) Aarstronbharsar
Nepali Khagōlavid
Norwegian Astronist
Polish Astronista
Portuguese Astronísta
Punjabi Khagōlasaṭa
Romanian Astroniste
Russian Astronskiy
Samoan Astronist
Scots Gaelic Astronaich
Serbian Astronista / Astronistički
Sesotho Astronist
Shona Astronist
Sindhi عالم پرست
Slovak Astronista / Astronistické
Slovenian Astronistično
Somali Astronist
Spanish Astronista
Sundanese Astronis
Swahili Wanajimu
Swedish Astronistiska
Tajik Astronist
Telugu Asṭrānisṭ
Turkish Astronist
Ukrainian Astronist
Uzbek Astronist
Yiddish Astronist
Zulu i-astronist


According to the Astronist Institution 2020 report, there are 4.27 million Astronists around the world with at least one Astronist recorded in every country and territory.

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