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Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.



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Astronology, also known as Astronic studies, is the overarching systematic study of the Astronic tradition of religion, culture and philosophy that was founded by Cometan during his creation and reorganisation of the Astronic tradition. A specialist of which is known as an astronologist.

Therefore, astronology encompasses the study of Astronism and other astronomical religions like Astrology and Astrolatrism, as well as the study of both Millettic culture and Millettic philosophy. Essentially, astronology can be considered the discipline which encapsulates all aspects of religion, culture, and philosophy that were either founded by Cometan or were reorganised by him.

The inclusive disciplines of Astronism can be considered the major branches that organise astronology, but there exists a wider set of branches than these which study other non-Astronist aspects of the Astronic tradition. Additionally, astronology includes all Astronic (which, as a term, includes both Astronist and Millettic) approaches to various theological and philosophical disciplines involving the philosophy of religion, the anthropology of religion, ontology, epistemology, among many others.