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The popular Astronist term astronomical world is a conception of outer space in discourses produced by the belief system of Astronism that regards collectively all extraterrestrial progeny and phenomena to be imbued salvific capacities that may be engaged with in multiple dimensions by human beings or another scoped species. The term astronomical world is typically invoked when referring to a person's spiritual and religious connection to space as the main source of their spirituality. The term is also used to distinguish the extraterrestrial from the terrestrial and the anthropic.

However, the term should not be confused with the more commonly used term of The Cosmos. The Cosmos also refers to outer space in its totality, but particularly to emphasise the concept of the animateness of astronomical progeny and phenomena, thus suggesting the aliveness of the astronomical world. Essentially, The Cosmos possesses further connotations than that of the astronomical world, making its usage appropriate in only specific circumstances.