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In the eschatology of Astronism, astrothanasia, belief in which is referred to as astrothanism, is the eschatological principle expounded as a core element of the Astronist religion holding that the astronomical world is in some way involved in the affairs of death and/or afterlife.

Astrothanism asserts this notion, but itself does not go further to denote any other specific beliefs; it only encompasses this general principle of the involvement of the astronomical world in some way as being part of eschatological affairs. Astrothanasia as a theme of Astronism was developed but was not named nor directly referred to in the Omnidoxy, although throughout the founding text, inferences to such a principle are numerous.

Instead, the term itself was coined and its notion were explicitly outlined post-omnidoxically by Cometan. Astrothanasia is considered one of the defining aspects of Astronism from all other religions. Astrothanasia can be considered as the foundation of Astronist eschatology and it is upon this principle that all other Astronist eschatological beliefs stand.