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This page mainly refers to the personage of Brandon Taylorian. Go to the page Cometan for a full biography.

Brandon Reece Taylor (born July 1, 1998), professionally known as Brandon Reece Taylorian (Armenian: Բրենդոն Թեյլորյան; also spelt Tayloryan, Tailorian, or Tailoryan), and mononymously and historically known as Cometan (Spanish: Kometan), after the title of Cometan, is a British philosopher, a prolific writer and neologist, an entrepreneur, diarist, theoretician, the founder of Astronism, sole author of the Omnidoxy, and the creator both Jesse Millette and the Spacefaring World franchise.

Taylorian is the Founder of The Jesse Millette Company, officially known as The People’s Constitutional Company of Jesse Millette[1] which published The Original Jesse Millette Series under his pen name, Cometan. Also founded under the name Cometan was the organised philosophy of Astronism belonging to the Astronic category of religions which Taylorian himself organised. The proprietorship of Astronism is held by The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism which Taylorian also founded and became First Padron of.

Since the idea of Jesse Millette first came to Taylorian on his fifteenth birthday in July 2013, the character, the narratives, and the surrounding fictional world have grown, and has transcended into the real world in the form of Taylorian’s philosophical works.[2]

Born in Preston, Lancashire, England, Taylorian grew up between two separated parents, seven siblings, two sets of grandparents, as well as many cousins and other relatives. Feeling of a decidedly “unknown identity” with regards to himself up to the age of fifteen, Taylorian’s life change forever when, on the day of his fifteenth birthday, an idea came to him that he should make his own fictional mystery detective, after “loving reading the Nancy Drew Series and The Hardy Boys Series”.[3]

Publishing the precursory edition of Jesse Millette and The Phantom’s Curse on 7 November 2017[4], Taylorian’s public literary career began, but there remains four and a half years of conceptual, personal, and intellectual development before the publication of the precursory edition that continues to be in occurrence today.[5]

Taylorian has been a member of The Royal Institute of Philosophy since he was twenty years old and became a Freemason just two months after his eighteenth birthday, making Taylorian one of the youngest initiated Freemasons in history.

Names and etymology

Although widely known through his professional name, Brandon Taylorian, the name with which he was born was Brandon Reece Taylor which continues to be his legal name. A famed Armenophile, and subsequently holding a strong affinity for the construction of Armenian names, Taylorian, during the lengthy process of picking his authorial name, decided to drop his middle name, and constructed his last name by adding ‘-ian’ to the end. This was part of his effort to distinguish himself via the creation of a unique name, as Taylorian had previously been told by a potential publisher that his birth name was too generic.[6]

During this time, Taylorian meet and fell in love with an Armenian girl named Liana Tiratsuyan, who would later be mononymously known as Coco in dyadonymity with Taylorian's mononym of Cometan. The extent of influence that Tiratsuyan held over Taylorian was profound from the beginning of their romance and although Taylorian had chosen his Armenian name before meeting Tiratsuyan, no doubts remain that Taylorian's desire for a partly Armenian identity were further fuelled by his love for Liana.

Taylorian formulated an etymology for his newly created surname, the "Taylor" element of which is broadened from its original etymology to mean creator, designer, author, but most importantly, manifestor which is itself a Millettically-originating term. The addition of the Armenian combining form of "-ian" meaning "son of" directly translates the surname to mean "son of the manifestor" which has drawn much curiosity and a plethora of interpretations both from a religious viewpoint as a demonstration of Taylorian's personal religiosity as well as from an artistic and philosophical viewpoint to relate to Taylorian's devotion to his philosophership and his creative works as well as his overall vocation.

Following on from his interest in religion and philosophy, Taylorian was inspired by the mononymous names of the Ancient Greek philosophers, including Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, and so began to create his own mononym by which he would be primarily known. The name of his creation was Cometan which he constructed mainly due to its cosmic theme which is reflected in the premise of The Philosophy of Millettism. Cometan would become the pen name for Taylorian in all of his philosophical, poetic, and compositional works, the most notable of which is The Omnidoxy.

Personage of Brandon Taylorian

The personage of Brandon Taylorian refers to the first of two personages (the other being Cometan) which form the identity of Brandon Taylorian. Brandon Taylorian involves the personal identity of Brandon Reece Taylor and is how he is referred to in his private life and in some media. It is distinguished from the personage of Cometan which is Brandon's public persona and the identity through which he was able to found Astronism and preternaturally create the Omnidoxy from such a young age.


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