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This article is about a non-fiction entity related to the Astronist belief system or the Astronic tradition.
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Eschatology of Astronism is the Astronist conception of the fate of humanity as well as the final destination of the soul.


  • Astronic – disciplines broader than Astronism yet still relating to it.
    • Incorporeology – study of the soul or spirit.
    • Mortology – study of funerary customs and traditions.
    • Necrology – study of the stellanic aspects of funerary traditions.
    • Precorporeology – study of the soul's pre-existence.
    • Thanatology – study of death and processes leading up to its occurrence.
  • Astronist – disciplines specific to Astronist beliefs and concepts.
    • Astroeschatology – study of the eschatology of Astronism.
    • Astrosis methodology – study of the ways and means in which astrosis may be achieved.
    • Cosmosis theory – study of cosmosis, primarily its nature and consequences.
    • Desolatology – study of the prospects of desolation and its consequences.
    • Destinology – study of destiny and its interactions with Astronist beliefs and concepts.
    • Rhemnology – study of advancement and how this relates to Astronist beliefs.

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