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Millettarian Philosophy

Non-Astronist Astronic architecture

Archaeoastronic architecture
(Before c.3300 BCE)

Palaeoastronic architecture
(c.3300 BCE – 300 AD)

Classical Astronic architecture
(300 – 1800 AD)

Modern Astronic architecture
(1800 – 2013 AD)

Post-Astronist Astronic architecture
(2013 - )

Astronist architecture
Millettarian architecture

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Cometan Omnidoxy

[3:8:86] A chamber, in Millettarian Architecture, is a type of outbuilding consisting of a raised platform surrounded on all sides by steps, with the main building typically squared, pillared, singularly floored with a rooftop terrace and numerous cosmical ornamental decor, and typically featuring on each corner beside the steps, a fountain, or telescope; this building is most often related to the subject of Gardenry, mostly by its location, with its most common purpose to shelter those whom wish to conduct astronomy, especially during bad weather, but is also often used during Starlight Festivals.