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Charlotte Sophia (born Charlotte Sophia Louise Counsell, August 20, 2007), known mononymously within Astronism as Astria, and more recently given the title, Charlotte, sister of Cometan, is the second eldest of the half-sisters of Cometan and one of the founding figures of Astronism. Charlotte is also the cross-sibling of Kieran Taylorian, Kent Taylorian, Zara Taylorian, Jay Taylorian, and Edie Taylorian.

She was assigned her cosmic name or religious mononym post-omnidoxically at the age of eleven during which time she demonstrated her considerable understanding of the complex theological and cosmological beliefs of her older brother's new religion. She showed promise to become a philosopher and contributor to Astronism even from such a young age and after Cometan and Cosma, she was the third person to identify themself as an Astronist.

Religious mononym

Charlotte Sophia was born Charlotte Sophia Louise Counsell, but at the age of eleven, in conjunction with her brother, Cometan, she was assigned her mononymous cosmic name (as is the tradition within Astronism), Astria, for her promising contributions as an Astronist philosopher.

Early life

Astria was born Charlotte Sophia Louise Counsell on 20th August 2007 at 4pm in Royal Preston Hospital in the City of Preston in Lancashire, England, to Louise Counsell and Julian Counsell. Unlike her brother, Cometan, Astria had a fairly settled and undisrupted childhood. Her parents married when she was five years of age in Florida, USA which she attended as the flower girl.

She attended the same primary school as her older brother, St Mary's and St Benedict's Roman Catholic Primary School, and left there in 2018 when she was ten years of age. She then began attending Penwortham Girls' High School as her and her family had then moved to the Preston suburb of Penwortham.