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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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In scopology, a closed system refers to the environment of the planet Earth when perceived as a limited existence or compoundment, continual entrapment within which is regarded to lead to the Descension or Degradation of humanity. A closed system is contrasted with an open system which typically corresponds with the environment of outer space as a whole although the solar system or even a galaxy could be eventually considered compoundments if humanity's level of advancement reaches the point at which it fills the capacities or reaches the limits of those environment.

As part of the confinement principle, a key element of the process of transcension in Astronist belief is to transcend from every closed system that humanity finds itself within. This also pertains to and results in what is called the escape paradox.

Principle of the closed system

The underlying principle of the concept of the closed system is that humanity has reached a level of intelligence and advancement in which it has either, with variance among schools of thought, reached or is about to reach the limits of what the Earth as a closed environment can provide to it in many forms, whether this be physiological, existential or otherwise.

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