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My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.
~ Cometan, the Omnidoxy

Cometan[1] (/ˈkɒmɪtan/; translated appellations; born July 1, 1998; SAC: 37 PEC; also Brandon Reece Taylorian; Taylor[2]), also known by the attributed epithet Cometan the Contemplator (all Cometanic titles), is the founding figure and leader of the Astronist religion and philosophy and is the organiser of the Astronic tradition of religions. This tradition claims that its lineage can be traced back to prehistoric times in the astronomical religions of the Stone Age, making it the world's oldest religious tradition. As such, Cometan is the figurehead of the 21st century revival of astronomical religions, he is a prominent advocate for religious freedoms, is an educator and pedagogist, as well as a contemplative astronomer, historiography and archaeoastronomer. In a separate vein of work, Cometan is a scholar and activist for freedom of religion or belief at the international level and whose scholarly works on religious recognition have produced the theory and approach to religious freedom provision called recognitionism. Cometan works to promote recognition as a crucial and powerful tool for raising and maintaining religious freedom standards around the world. Cometan is also an advocate of a more sophisticated approach to religious education around the world and is also a proponent of the field of human rights in outer space (or space rights). The discipline studying Cometan's life is known as cometanology.

A renowned contemplative and a claimed surographer as a result of his experiences of indrucy during his authorship of the Omnidoxy, Cometan has also been given the philosopher of the stars moniker. This, and the title of Astronomical Philosopher, have been attributed to him for his deep inquiries into and his founding of cosmic philosophy (officially known as cosmontology), a branch of philosophy focused on contemplating space and its exploration. Cometan interpreted stargazing, learning about outer space, and physical endeavours into space as solemnly religious acts which made him unique from all philosophers and thinkers preceding him.

After starting to receive an intense series of revelations from the age of 15, Cometan began creating what would become known as the spacefaring world, a fictional universe from which Astronist mythology emerged. Separately, from the age of 17, Cometan started to formally write down the contents of his ideations, referred to as personal inspirations, into what would become the longest religious book in history at over 2 million words. Cometan titled the book the Omnidoxy and it became the founding text of Astronism, the product of a synthesis of religion and philosophy based on a cosmocentric worldview and the belief in both astrosis and cosmosis.

As the first Astronist and the founder of the Astronic tradition, Cometan distinguished his philosophership through his ability to found original concepts and beliefs that came directly from his reported indrucies. Some of these include manumissionism, uniquitarianism, reascensionism, intracosmism, and transcensionism, as well as his capacity to prolifically create and define neologisms making him both a lexicographer and an encyclopedist.

He worked towards the dissemination of Astronism as a newfound hybrid religion which is firmly cosmocentric in its beliefs, its theme and its worldview. He has also become a prominent space activist, known for being the first person to base his advocacy for space exploration on religious grounds. Cometan is responsible for the organisation of the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies. This is a tradition which proclaims to trace its lineage of thought and practice back to the astronomical religions of the Stone and Bronze ages.

In The Year of The Gift, as it is termed in Astronist culture, Cometan's life changed dramatically when the idea came to him to create a retrobiographical and parabiographical fictional mystery detective known as Jesse Millette who followed a philosophy that would become known as Millettism.

It is this philosophy of Millettism that later developed into what is known Astronism. Furthermore, it was from his experiments in writing that introduced Cometan to the more challenging subjects of philosophy, religion, and theology, of which he became an autodidact in his mid to late adolescent years.

His newfound fascination with philosophy and theology eventually saw Cometan found a new organised philosophy, proclaimed in the Omnidoxy to be known as Astronism. It is also claimed in the Omnidoxy that the foundational beliefs of Astronism were revealed to Cometan during a period of intense imagination and prolific writing. The most widely referenced period of such revelation took place when Cometan was between the ages of fifteen and twenty-two which are collectively known as the years of The Founding of Astronism. This period of his life is believed to have been induced by what has been termed as personal inspiration, a non-theistic form of revelation based on ideation alone.

Following the initial birth of the idea for Astronism came a virtually unending stream of ideas, some of which were astronised from pre-existing religions and philosophies, while others remained firmly original to Cometan. The mononymous and autodidactic philosopher began to question the state of philosophy and philosophers in modern society resulting in his deep dissatisfaction with the role and identity of philosophers. This subsequently lead Cometan to initiate the formation of the reascensionist movement. As the first system of thought and belief to be categorised as an organised philosophy, Astronism is governed by a single Institution which Cometan himself founded at age fifteen to coincide with the founding of Astronism, known as the Astronist Institution.

Upon completing his university degree in business and marketing at the age of twenty-one, the aspiring entrepreneur contemplated on the question of conceptual value for a long period. His fixation centred on how he could make his newfound Institution one that was self-funding and operable in the modern, largely capitalist, and technologically-advancing world. He became a leading exponent for the controversial matter of the commercialisation of religion and philosophy.



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Cometan is the mononym and the scholarly and historical name for Brandon Reece Taylorian, the British philosopher, author, astronomer and the founder of Astronism. During the development of Astronism in particular, Taylorian opted for a cosmic sounding name in the Astronist onomatological system that uniquely emphasises mononyms and cosmic names at the age of nineteen; this name was Cometan.

Etymologically, the name Cometan is composed of the suffix -an which pertains to followership or foundership of something which is affixed to the term comet. This name literally denotes "follower of the comet".

This is obviously indicative of the cosmic theme and identity that Taylorian intended to capture. Essentially, the mononym of Cometan metaphorically pertains to Taylorian as symbolical to a comet in its long and unknown trajectory, yet remaining the ultimate seeker in The Cosmos.

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Interestingly, applying a brief knowledge of Millettarian cosmological symbolism, comets are generally considered to be chaotic by their natures and somewhat destructive in their paths which displays slight confusion as to the choice of the term comet for Taylorian's authorial mononym. This choice has sparked many discussions as to the possible reasons why with the most sound argument being that Taylorian attempted to distance himself as a human being from becoming compared to anything that he considered to be cosmically higher or symbolically ultimate such as stars, galaxies, and other non-chaotic entities in The Cosmos.

Unbeknownst to Cometan during his creation of the name, the term cometan pre-exists its Millettic origins as it means "to commit" in the Spanish language and is the third-person plural subjunctive form of the term "cometer". Upon learning this, Cometan admired the etymology of the term in Spanish, but for reasons of distinction and identity, he created the alternative spelling of Kometan for the Spanish-speaking world.

Other appellations and monikers

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Title of Cometan

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Although originally first coined by Cometan himself as a name for his authorial identity as a philosopher, the term "cometan" later became referred to also as an achievable title for any follower of Astronism in the final disquisition of the Omnidoxy, known as The Dodecadoxy. The title of cometan therefore drew on parallels with the similar title of Buddha in Buddhism as well as Christ in Christianity.

As described in The Dodecadoxy, cometanhood is an achievable state of awareness in terms of knowledge, philosophicality, spirituality, physicality, and mentality which any follower of Astronism is deemed to be able to achieve. Although presented as a title in the Omnidoxy, Cometan himself is quoted as saying in the Omnidoxy that he is yet to resemble the meaning of the name that he has granted himself. In this, we see the humanity of Cometan and are provided with insight into his journey of personal growth alongside his followers.


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Cometan is the second personage of Brandon Taylorian and the personage which was inspired to write the Omnidoxy and to found Astronism. The personage of Cometan is distinguished from that of Brandon Taylorian through the preternatural abilities of the former to solely create the Omnidoxy.

Nominal identity

The nominal identity of Cometan is the study of the various different aspects of the personages of Cometan and Brandon Taylorian from a nominal perspective including mononymity, transpatronymity, and dyadonymity.

Appellation translations

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National identity

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Born in Preston, Lancashire, England, the national identity of Cometan from birth is British although throughout the life of Cometan, there existed various instances in which he explored his national identity. In his later adolescence, Cometan showed affinity for Armenian identity, particularly during and after his relationship with Cosma. Thereafter, Cometan introduced and developed internationalism, an approach to personal identity based on internationality rather than nationality.

Professional identity

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The professional identity of Cometan involves the different aspects of Cometan's career reflected in identity as manifested by different "-ships", namely foundership, authorship, composership, and entrepreneurship. Each of these pertains to an aspect of Cometan's professional life which come together to form his overall professional identity.

Religious identity

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The final dimension of Cometan's identity is his religious identity which involves the different instances in which Cometan personally experienced religious belief and how he identified with his religious belief through his life. Principally, Cometan considered his religious identity to be threefold; Astronic by tradition; Astronist by denomination; and Cometanic by personal endeavour.

Essentially, this meant that Cometan's own religious journey and identity was predicated upon achieving cometanhood itself and living up to the title that he had granted himself by being the best example of what it meant to be Cometanic.

Pre-Cometanic era

Main articles: Pre-Cometanic and Pre-Cometanic forms

The pre-Cometanic era refers to the world prior to the birth of Cometan which some hold to be the moment of Cometan's birth in 1998 while others hold to be on the day of Cometan's fifteenth birthday and the start of The Year of The Gift and the era of The Founding of Astronism.

The term pre-Cometanic is most commonly used to refer to religions and philosophies that hold origins prior to the birth of Cometan. This usage of the term created the pre-Cometanic forms category which can be applied to both Astronic and non-Astronic religions and philosophies.

The term has also been used in the context of the categorisation of religions into traditions, both prior to and post the birth of Cometan so as to highlight the profound effect that Cometan held over religion and philosophy as a subsequence of his life's works.

Essentially, the pre-Cometanic era was considered by Cometan and Astronists to be fraught with a spiritual and philosophical ignorance for The Cosmos and the true profundity of astronomy in religious beliefs and practices. This lead to Cometan's own commitment to the revival of astronomical religions in the 21st century.


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Birth and early life

Brandon Reece Taylor was born in the northern England county of Lancashire in the city of Preston in the United Kingdom on 1st July 1998 at approximately 5:30pm, specifically in the old Sharoe Green Hospital which is no longer in existence. He was born to a hairdresser and salon owner, Louise Counsell (known at that time as Louise Richardson), and a vending machine business owner, Sean Taylor. At that time, he had only one sibling, Lucia Natalie, who was nine years his senior.

Brandon was brought home to a terraced house, 239 Station Road, in a small town called Bamber Bridge, a suburb of Preston. There, he and his family spent about one year until the following July where they moved to 6 New Street in Eccleston.

Prior to this, on 18th October 1998, Brandon was christened at Brindle St Joseph's church close to the village of Hoghton where his maternal grandparents, Bill and Hilda Warbrick, lived. His godparents were Mark and Caroline Rimmer, who were friends of his parents at that time. His grandmother, Hilda, would later recall that the priest conducting her grandson's Christening said that this was "a very special boy".

Louise Counsell with her newborn son.

In August 2000, Brandon, his mother, and his older sister briefly lived with Bill and Hilda at their home, Brooklands, while Brandon's father lived with his own parents as the couple saved up for their own home. The family of four settled in January 2001 at 10 Maple Drive in Bamber Bridge and it is in this home that Brandon would spend his childhood years.

However, one afternoon, not long after moving into this house, Brandon went missing and his parents were convinced that their son had been kidnapped. His mother promptly called the police and a helicopter was sent out to search for the two year old. Brandon had been hiding inside one of the moving boxes where a policeman eventually found him after he saw the box move on its own. Later on, it was concluded that Brandon had accidentally pulled down a kitchen blind and had hid in the fear that he would have been shouted at by his mother.


Cometan with his older sister, Lucia Natalie.

In September 2002, at the age of four, Brandon started school at St Mary and St Benedict's RC Primary School in Bamber Bridge and although he was one of the youngest in the year, he took to school life straight away. Although friends with very few boys, Brandon grew to be good friends with many girls in his year, some of whom would be friends with him for over ten years until university.

Although his school life was stable, his home life didn't share that same characteristic. His mother and father were growing increasingly distant from one another with raging arguments becoming a common occurrence, some of which would remain in Brandon's memories for years to come. He and his older sister would hide beyond the living room sofa as they listened to Louise and Sean arguing over the future of their relationship. The home was not a happy and stable one to live in and this would hold a significant impact on Brandon for many years to come and even into his early adulthood as he reflected back on past events.

Brandon's parents confirmed their separation after months of tempestuousness and arguments, but a bitter legal battle ensued with Sean insisting he was owed more than what Louise was prepared to give him. This lead to months of Sean sleeping on the floor of his son's bedroom and Brandon would remember this sad time vividly even years later. His parents eventually came to an agreement on a financial settlement and Brandon's father left 10 Maple Drive and after this, Brandon would not ever permanently live with his father again. It was this pivotal moment in Brandon's short life that would come define his relationships with other figures in his childhood and it would also come to determine which figures would hold more influence over others in Brandon's upbringing.

222 Longmeanygate, the residence of Derrick and Irene Taylor.

Cometan with his grandmother, Irene.

The separation of his parents would undoubtedly hold a huge influence over Brandon's childhood. Understanding the potentially damaging effects of this bitter separation and wanting to protect their grandson, each of Brandon's two sets of grandparents undertook a large role in his life. Brandon would later remember that the role of his paternal grandmother, Irene Mary Taylor, was of particular predominance. In an effort to get his own free time at weekends, Brandon's father brought his son to 222 Longmeanygate where his mother and father, Derrick Taylor, lived. Brandon would spend the weekends of his childhood at this large house with three acres of estate surrounding it. His childhood there was characterised by playing in the fields with his cousins, helping his grandmother construct her Mary garden shrine, going to multiple churches across the county, being taught Roman Catholicism by his grandmother, and attending family gatherings for Bonfire Night, Easter, and Christmas. It would later be looked back on in fondness by Brandon, but his isolation from the outside world and his interactions only with his cousins were another important factors that held influence over his development. A devout Roman Catholic and mother to ten children, Irene was heavily involved with the Church and it was later speculated that she was a member of the lay Catholic organisation, Opus Dei. Irene's deep religiosity set the theme and tone for Brandon's childhood, especially the time he spent with his grandmother, his aunts and uncle, and his cousins. Brandon's heavily religious grandparents took him to various Catholic churches in the area along with his cousin, Thomas Taylor, with whom he shared a brotherly bond.

Cometan during primary school.

The most frequent church they visited was St Mary’s & St John Southworths R C Church in Samlesbury. It is this aspect of staunch religiosity in Brandon's childhood that is argued to have formed the undertones of faith and religion in his works of fiction. Despite Brandon's resistance to the deep religiosity of his grandparents during his childhood, this aspect of his upbringing is also argued to have later influenced his development of the Omnidoxy and his founding of the Astronist religion in his adolescent years. Ironically, Brandon would become a prodigy of theology and philosophy following his grandmother's death, but Brandon would later credit his grandmother with instilling within him a strong interest in religion arguably solidified her grandson's destiny to become a religious revolutionary and leader.

After their separation, Brandon's parents soon met other partners with his mother introducing Julian Counsell to her son and daughter the following year and with Brandon's father meeting and introducing Nadine Taylor to his son not long afterwards. It was during this time, a couple of years after his parents' separation, that the effects of the event itself are argued to have begun to emerge, particularly in Brandon's behaviour and attitude. He gradually became more quiet and reserved, had few close friends to speak of, struggled to commit to hobbies, was badly behaved towards his parents' new partners, and felt isolated as his parents were moving on with their lives and building new families.

Cometan at about age eight or nine while on a modelling photoshoot.

In February 2007, Brandon's first younger sibling was born Kieran Taylor to Sean and Nadine on 6th February and in August of that same year, Charlotte Sophia was born to Brandon's mother and Julian. It was during this time that Brandon showed a great deal of resentment towards those around him, particularly his parents' new partners. It was arguably the introduction of two new siblings into his life on both sides of his family that accelerated the feelings of being left behind or forgotten by his parents as their new lives with new children became a reality. At the very least, it can be said with certainty that this time in Brandon's childhood was a particularly traumatising time for the boy which he reflected in his difficult behaviour.

The following year, Brandon's father welcomed twins born Kent and Zara Taylor on 17th July, the same day as Brandon's mother's birthday and on 24th April 2009, Sean married Nadine at Brownedge St Mary's Church in Bamber Bridge. They then welcomed their fourth child born Jay Taylor on 17th September of that same year. The effects of the rapid expansion of his immediate family must have taken some effect on Brandon at this time although he continued to spend the majority of his spare time with his grandmother, Irene, and his cousins.

Early adolescence

Deeply contemplative and religiously-inclined from an early age, Cometan was compulsively concerned with matters concerning his existential purpose, the mysteries of the universe, and the many unanswered questions studied in religion. Starting high school in September 2009 at Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School in Bamber Bridge marked the end of Brandon's childhood and signalled the beginning of his adolescent years. Again, like in primary school, Brandon had few close friends and drifted more towards girls as friends than boys. Of the variety of subjects at school, Brandon particularly enjoyed the humanities and disliked sports. In comparison to others in his class, he was short and not naturally skilled in physical activities, making those lessons unenjoyable for him. Brandon, by the encouragement of his grandmother, was introduced to playing the piano at the age of eleven alongside his older cousins, Thomas and Martin.

As his time at high school continued, Brandon began distancing himself from his grandparents, Derek and Irene, particularly after his refusal to stay at their house at weekends. This action on the part of Brandon, which shocked his family members due to the closeness of him and his grandmother for many years prior, marked the beginning of his individuality and the break between himself as a child and himself as a forming adolescent. This decision was met with dismay, especially by his grandmother, from whom he was made to feel guilt-ridden for his refusal. From this moment onwards, Brandon gradually became closer to his maternal grandparents, and it is with them that Brandon was closer during his upcoming teenage years.

Brandon's final sibling was born Edie Taylor on 27th February 2011 when Brandon was twelve years old, but his destabilised relationship with his paternal grandparents was even further distanced with the death of his grandfather, Derrick Taylor, on 26th November 2011. This marked the first major instance of death in Brandon's life. Notably, he did not see his grandad Derrick a month before his death, and similarly in the case of his grandmother, Irene, whom died four years later in 2015, a total of three months before her death. The childhood that Brandon had experienced at 222 Longmeanygate was soon becoming a distant memory as the large family began distancing themselves from one another after the patriarch of the family had passed away. Brandon irregularly saw his grandmother, Irene, after the death of his grandfather as her health began to slowly deteriorate.

Meanwhile, his mother had bought 160 Cop Lane in Penwortham, a suburb of Preston, but because the house was in a state of disrepair, he had to live with his maternal grandparents in Hoghton for an extended period of time. Brandon would spent multiple summers living at his grandparents' home during his adolescence as he moved back and forth from his mother's new home to Brooklands. On 10th September 2012, Louise and Julian Counsell married while on a family holiday to Florida, USA as Brandon was entering his second to last year in high school. This was the last major event in Brandon's life before The Year of The Gift.

The Founding of Astronism (2013 CE - 2020 CE)

Main article: The Founding of Astronism

From this point onwards, a transition occurs in which Brandon is referred to as Cometan to demonstrate the dominance of personages. Cometan's life is documented through annual life periods, each of which hold a title which is reflective of the works, achievements, life events, and tribulations that occurred during that year. Each life period begins on the birthday of Cometan (1st July) and ends the following years on 30th June.

The Year of The Gift (2013-14 CE)

Main article: The Year of The Gift

The Year of The Gift began on 1st July 2013, which was the day of Cometan's fifteenth birthday, and ended on 30th June 2014. This was the most pivotal point in Cometan's life as it marked the beginning of his public life and heralded the beginning of the era known as The Founding of Astronism, also known as the Seven Year Revelation. What is referred to as The Gift, in this context, is the initial idea of Jesse Millette and Astronism, but perhaps even more importantly, Cometan's realisation that he was a talented writer and had a creative spark within him.

It was on this day that Cometan received his first revelation (known as a personal inspiration in Astronism) in which he was inspired to create his own fictional character named Jesse Millette. Not only this, but Cometan was to create a philosophy by which his character was to act and think. This was made to create depth and difference in comparison to the other stories he had grown up reading. He immediately got to work on writing and feel in love with the entire process. He felt he could finally express his thoughts and feelings that had so long been frustratingly trapped within him, unable to be articulated.

He quickly received a multitude of ideas for his first work of fiction, which he titled the Secrets of Millette Hall; it was completed, but was never published as part of The Original Jesse Millette Series. The idea for the name of Jesse Millette did not come so quickly. Cometan experimented with multiple different names until he settled on Jesse Millette; the first name of which he had admired for years prior while the surname he had first heard while speaking with his grandmother, Irene, who never knew of her indirect contributions, nor did she ever know of Jesse Millette, Astronism, or her grandson's ambitions to become a writer.

The original name ascribed to Astronism was Millettism as derived from the Jesse Millette character. This name is still used today as part of the official name of The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism. This name was used in order to show that the philosophy was intertwined with the character of Jesse Millette, but of course, as Cometan's ideas developed further, the philosophy would take on an identity of its own, one that would come to eclipse the Jesse Millette character itself.

Taylorian describes his own “lack of identity” before the Jesse Millette idea came to him, which later turned into an obsession and became so engrained in his life, that he considered it his “vocation”. Everything he came across in his life, and everything he learned during his formal education, but also his autodidactic education, was always related back to the expansion of the Jesse Millette idea. The years following saw Cometan grew much closer to his younger brothers and sisters, as well as to his stepmother and father.

Still in attendance at Brownedge St Mary's, Cometan went on two trips with his school during this time, the first of which was to Stratford-upon-Avon where Cometan experienced his first Shakespearean play live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The second was to Geneva, Switzerland, where Cometan visited the United Nations headquarters and he visited CERN. It was also during this trip that Cometan entered the St. Pierre Cathedral in central Geneva, the irony of which was that this particular cathedral was the home church of another religious leader and revolutionary, John Calvin, whom Cometan would later come to learn about during his autodidactic study of religion and philosophy.

The Year of Ignorance (2014-15 CE)

Main article: The Year of Ignorance

Still referred to both privately and publicly by his birth name Brandon Reece Taylor, Cometan's ideas, in comparison to the year prior, markedly slowed down. This name is titled as such due to the relatively low productivity of Cometan during this time in comparison to the years that were to follow. Although the initial ideas for Jesse Millette and Astronism had formed, they were stagnant during this time as Cometan's school life became more intense.

Cometan dressed in a suit for his high school prom, July 2014.

Despite this, the concept of The Five Millettarian Characters is known to have formed during this year with some titles of books in The Original Jesse Millette Series having also been initially decided on during this time too. Cometan, although he realised he wanted to become a writer, the time and attention he placed on these ambitions was markedly reduced from the year before and was dramatically increased again in the years proceeding. Astronism was still in a prototypic stage of development as Cometan had not yet fully undertaken an deep interest in theology and philosophy. It has been stated that this year of relative ignorance of what he had created was a necessary precursor of what was to come.

In 2014, Taylorian left secondary school, and began his attendance at Cardinal Newman College in Preston where he studied English Literature and Language, Media Studies, and Geography. During his college studies, Taylorian was accepted on a trip to Los Angeles, United States, during which he visited Hollywood movie sets, attended the New York Film Academy, and visited the headquarters of Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers Pictures.

The Year of Enlightenment (2015-16 CE)

Main article: The Year of Enlightenment

The Year of Enlightenment commenced on 1st July 2015 and concluded on 30th June 2016. It signalled a significant transition and transformation for Cometan's vocation and in his destiny to become an author, philosopher, and religious leader. This was entirely down to Cometan receiving an ever-increasing and intensifying set of revelations and ideations regarding both the Jesse Millette character as well as Astronism itself.

It was during this time that not only were the first three books in The Original Jesse Millette Series written, but also, Cometan started writing the founding treatise of Astronism which was initially titled The Grand Centrality, but would later become known as the Omnidoxy. This annual life period is named so in order to demonstrate Cometan's confirmation and realisation of what he was developed before him. It was also during this time that he began speaking of early Astronist ideas to others and also spoke more openly about his ambitions to become an author.

During The Year of Enlightenment, Cometan became intrigued by the fraternity of the Freemasons. He became a member of the Lancaster City lodge, and although the details of his initiation into the fraternity, and his interactions within the group, are largely unknown, Cometan is still one of the youngest Freemasons to ever join the fraternity, as he first expressed interest at the age of seventeen and was actually accepted to join a year later, at the age of eighteen. Cometan left Lancaster City lodge just prior to his twentieth birthday for reasons unknown, yet continues to be a Freemason as he himself stated in his exit letter to the lodge, "once a mason, always a mason."

The Year of Expansion (2016-17 CE)

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In September 2016, Cometan embarked on a three degree course at the University of Central Lancashire in Business and Marketing. The next three years would come to significantly influence his entire trajectory and identity and would become referred to later as a pivotal aspect of his life. One of the most significant and widely remembered occurrences in The Year of Expansion was The Dedication.

Cometan at the Royal Albert Hall in November 2016.

The Dedication of Cometan was an event that occurred on 1st July 2016 when Cometan turned eighteen years old during which he pledged his life to his writings and to the dissemination of Astronism globally. The Dedication is considered to be a major turning point for Cometan's understanding of his life-long vocation to Astronism and marked the beginning of many of his indrucies.

Cometan graduated from Cardinal Newman College with three A Levels in English Language, English Literature, and Media Studies and to celebrate both his birthday and his academic achievements, his mother took him on a trip to London. It was during this trip that Cometan first visited the fictional home of Jesse Millette at 40 Lexham Gardens in Kensington. Cometan returned to London later that year with his grandparents, Bill and Hilda Warbrick, to attend a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

This annual life period is named so due to the abundance and frequency of the expansion of ideas for both the Spacefaring World (then referred to as the Jesse Millette World) and Astronism (then still referred to as Millettism) simultaneously before the ideas for the latter eclipsed the former during The Year of Consolidation. It was also during this time that Cometan continued writing the first three books of The Original Jesse Millette Series in tandem with his still primitive works on the Omnidoxy in the realms of theology and philosophy. Showing a transition from being purely Millettic in character, Cometan's ideas began turning towards an astronomical theme which eventually lead to the emergence of Astronism out of Millettism and what became Millettic culture.

The Year of Consolidation (2017-18 CE)

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The Year of Consolidation commenced on the 1st July 2017 and concluded on 30th June 2018. It was during this year that Cometan brought together and organised the myriad of ideas, subjects, and beliefs into a structured system which emerged as Astronism. This is partly due to Cometan's development of websites and other databases that allowed him to begin to coherently define and describe his beliefs and ideas as well as his continued expansion and development of the Omnidoxy text.

In July 2017, after completing his first year of university, Cometan, after volunteering for one month prior, secured a position at the historic house and stately home of Hoghton Tower located in the village of Hoghton in Lancashire. Cometan was employed there as the Marketing Assistant for over two years. This newfound employment would bring about a significant amount of ideas and beliefs for Cometan as this job role coincided with when the young philosopher was experiencing frequent indrucies.

The atmosphere of working at the medieval manor house would catapult Cometan into a world that he had not yet ever experienced. It was here that his passion for theology, philosophy, religion, history, architecture, politics, and many other subjects was further accelerated. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly which of Cometan's ideas were directly inspired by Hoghton Tower or which of his ideas were actually thought of whilst he was at Hoghton Tower, but considering his employment there lasted throughout the most pivotal years of The Founding of Astronism era, it is safe to postulate that many of Cometan's inspirations, revelations, and indrucies occurred whilst he was at Hoghton Tower.

A notable image of Cometan in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

On 7th November 2017, Cometan published the precursory edition of Jesse Millette and the Phantom's Curse, the first title in The Original Jesse Millette Series. Cometan did this in order to gain experience of the publishing process and to understand how he could apply his marketing knowledge he had so far gained from his degree to the context of his own books. After a short holiday in December 2017 to Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, Cometan returned to university to complete the second year of his degree.

In February 2018, Cometan initiated a romantic relationship with an Armenian girl called Liana Tiratsuyan who was living in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. They struck up a connection with one another and decided to plan a trip for Cometan to come to Armenia later in the year. In April 2018, Cometan attended a week-long university trip to Beijing, China, during which he visited the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and attended a prestigious event hosted by the Beijing International Studies University. It was during this trip that Cometan first met Heastward and Mai Kaijian who he would strike up a continued bond with, the former of which would later become classified as a figure in Astronism. It was shortly prior to his trip to China that the First Portrait of Cometan was taken by Thomas de Hoghton at Hoghton Tower.

On 6th May 2018, Cometan was featured in his first magazine article in the Lancashire & North West magazine in which he spoke about the development of Astronism and about the successes he had achieved after publishing the precursory edition of Jesse Millette and the Phantom's Curse the year before.

The Year of Prolifics (2018-19 CE)

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The Year of Prolifics commenced on 1st July 2018 on Cometan's twentieth birthday and concluded on the 30th June 2019, the day after his 21st birthday party which was held at Hoghton Tower. Cometan's twentieth birthday was later reminisced by Cometan as being of particular importance to him personally as his celebrations at restaurant marked the first time that his mother and father met each other again after years of no communication between them. It was important for Cometan to have all of his siblings and his parents and grandparents at the celebrations in order to mark the end of the tumultuous past that had impacted on his entire childhood.

In August 2018, Cometan's friend, Heastward, whom he had met months earlier in his trip to China, came to visit Preston and Cometan introduced Heastward to his grandparents and his older sister as he was living at Brooklands at the time. Cometan organised the first astronomical event at Hoghton Tower on Sunday 11th November called Stargazing at the Tower. Cometan's new music teacher admitted to the young composer that he had lost all of the work that had been entrusted to him after months of Cometan asking for the work back. Cometan left the music school that he had been training at for three years and did not return. The trauma of losing all his work caused him to take a break from his compositional works.

On 15th December 2018, Cometan travelled alone to Armenia and met Liana Tiratsuyan for the first time in person. Cometan would later go on to describe this famous encounter as his first experience of love at first sight. Cometan and Liana, who would later be ascribed the Astronist mononym of Cosma, spent the week together and visited the most famous landmarks of Yerevan. Cometan immediately feel in love with the Armenian culture thus confirming his Armenophilia and quickly became infatuated with Cosma. The most iconic image from the trip would later become classified as one of the notable images of Cometan and it was titled Cometan at Tsitsernakaberd which depicted Cometan visiting the Armenian genocide memorial there.

Cometan visited Belvoir Castle and met Her Grace, The Duchess of Rutland. Cosma came to England to visit Cometan for the second time and to meet his parents. They shared many pictures together during her two week long trip and it marked a milestone in their relationship.

The Year of Completion (2019-20 CE)

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The Year of Completion commenced on 1st July 2019 on Cometan's twenty-first birthday and is to set conclude on the 30th June 2020, the day before Cometan's twenty-second birthday.

Cometan celebrated on the day of his twenty-first birthday by going with his mother to Manchester, specifically to The Ivy Spinningfields. Cometan graduated the University of Central Lancashire on Monday 15th July with a first class honours degree in Business and Marketing along with a placement on the Dean's List and an award called the CMPR Divisional Prize for Best Project. Cometan travelled to Hong Kong to visit Heastward and Mai Kaijian from 24th August to 1st September. It was during this trip that Heastward secured his prominence within Astronism for translating many titles and words, most notably Tiānwénjiào.

Cometan separated from his girlfriend, Liana Tiratsuyan, on Thursday 5th September, thus ending their over one and a half year long relationship. Cometan began his masters degree in Religion, Culture & Society at the University of Central Lancashire on Monday 16th September.

The Year of Manifestation (2020-21 CE)

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The Year of Manifestation is set to commence on 1st July 2020 and will conclude on 30th June 2021. It signals the final year of The Founding of Astronism era after which the ear of The Establishment of Astronism is expected to begin.


The career of Cometan is uniquely split into two halves, the first of which is known as vocularity and the second known as phulularity, which are two neologisms coined by Cometan himself. Cometan's vocular career resides in alignment with his ambitions to carve out his own distinct philosophership and authorship. Meanwhile, his phulular career focused on the management of historic houses and stately homes in his native country of England, primarily including Hoghton Tower. During this time, he became friendly with various members of the British aristocracy, most notably including the de Hoghton family and Her Grace, The Duchess of Rutland.

Vocular career

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The vocular career of Cometan began on the day of his fifteenth birthday and dominated both his public and personal life thereafter. On this day, he experienced a vision for the creation of his own fictional mystery detective, whom he called Jesse Millette, after spending years loving The Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew detective adventures. After a couple of years developing his writing style autodidactically, Cometan's vision deepened further and entrenched itself as part of his overall life's work and identity.

Cometan's knowledge of more sophisticated topics, pertinently including theology, philosophy, and politics, thereafter occurred and of which, Cometan became a polymathic autodidact. This subsequently lead to his sole authorship of The Omnidoxy which ended up extending to being over one million words long in total length. The Omnidoxy is a philosophical treatise that remains the primary authority for the philosophy of Astronism, of which it is the core origin.

Up until his early twenties, Cometan's vocular ambitions were largely ignored by those around him, often regarding them as whims and unrealistic desires that the majority of his friends and family did not understand. Cometan spent much of his final year at university meeting with lecturers from various disciplines hoping for some guidance on how to make his vocular career generate a realistic income. However, despite the fact that all the lecturers he visited acknowledged his vocularity, none of them were prepared or equipped to assist him, largely due to the uniqueness of his ambitions.

Phulular career

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Cometan's phulular career consisted of historic house management, marketing, and business development beginning with his role at the fortified manor house of Hoghton Tower at the age of eighteen.

First portrait of Cometan taken at Hoghton Tower by Thomas de Hoghton.

Cometan's first job consisted of a humble role of washing hair and cleaning his mother's hair salon in the town of Chorley. He began this job from the age of fourteen to the age of seventeen, after which he secured a permanent role at the historic house of Hoghton Tower, the seat to the oldest baronetcy in England, held by the de Hoghton family. Securing a permanent role at Hoghton Tower consisted of a total of two years and it was during this time that the majority of the Omnidoxy was solely authored while Cometan was just nineteen and twenty years old. As a result, during this period the foundations of Astronism were laid and Cometan's identity as a philosopher began to form.

Cometan has been quoted as saying that working at Hoghton Tower allowed him to embrace a wider interest in history, religion, architecture, and most importantly, philosophy, due to the impressive atmosphere of the Tower and its long and complicated history. Not only did Cometan develop the foundations of his career at Hoghton Tower, he developed a relationship with the members of the de Hoghton family whom he continued relations with long after his official departure from his employment at the Tower. Thomas de Hoghton offered to photograph Cometan which became known as the First Portrait of Cometan. As Cometan's time at Hoghton Tower came to an end, he celebrated his 21st birthday there with a party that was publicised by the Lancashire Magazine.


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The philosophership of Cometan began on the day of his fifteenth birthday when the idea came to him to create a retrobiographical fictional character known as Jesse Millette. He firstly experimented with fictional writing, but soon found a greater fascination for the more challenging subjects of philosophy and theology, of which he became an autodidact.

Still in his mid-teenage years, Cometan started to receive a series of ideas revolving around the development of a new philosophy or religious system which was to have an astronomical theme. He continued to experience these ideations for two years before he started to organise them into a single document which he would later title the Omnidoxy.

After starting to write the document, Cometan's ideations intensified further as his fascination grew for a range of religions and philosophical concepts. These ideations would come at all hours of the day and night and would form a constant stream of ideas until Cometan experienced what he would later term as an indrucy. An indrucy is an even further intensified experience whereby the indrucee becomes raptured with a single idea that expands in quick succession to form a domino effect involving a multitude of ideas that must be quickly written of in order to capture the full amount of ideas of the indrucy. Cometan observed that these indrucies would occur to him once or twice a month during the period known as The Founding of Astronism.  

As the Omnidoxy grew to an extensive length of over one and a quarter million words, the indrucies and ideational revelations that Cometan experienced became less and less frequent. The writing of the Omnidoxy took approximately five years, after which the foundational beliefs, concepts, and theories that would come to form the entire identity of Astronism as a newfound philosophical and religious system were laid.


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The authorship of Cometan refers to all the publications credited to have been written either solely by or in collaboration with Cometan, the principal one and most famous of which is the Omnidoxy as the founding book of Astronism and the longest religious text in history.

Overview of Astronist canonical and semi-canonical texts

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Astronist canonical and semi-canonical texts overview
Text title Era
The Founding of Astronism The Establishment of Astronism
Years Years
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Omnidoxy Composition
Concise Dictionary (First Edition) Composition
Institutional Dictionary (First Edition) Composition
Astrodoxy Composition

The Original Jesse Millette Series

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The Original Jesse Millette Series was begun by Cometan from the age of fifteen and was the first endeavour of writing that Cometan undertook following his initial revelation to become an author and the developer a philosophy that would guide his fictional character named Jesse Millette. Over the next couple of years, Cometan would write the first three books of the series, however, due to the overwhelmingness of his ideations and indrucies regarding Astronism, his authorship of the Omnidoxy overtook his fictional writing.

The Omnidoxy

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The authorship of the Omnidoxy was initially commenced by Cometan when he was seventeen years old, two years after his first revelation to become an author and philosopher. The Omnidoxy was originally named The Grand Centrality of The Philosophy of Millettism and was started by Cometan as a way to record and keep track of the increasing amount of ideas that he was receiving as a result of various revelations and indrucies.

Over a period of five years of intensive writing coupled with intensive personal inspirations, the Omnidoxy expanded rapidly and began to dwarf other religious texts like the Bible and the Quran to become the longest religious book in history at 2 million words in total length with Hinduism's Mahābhārata coming in at second place consisting of around 1.8 million words.

However, it was the sole authorship of the Omnidoxy that further set it apart from other religious texts. This fact alone confirmed Cometan's preternatural abilities and also pointed towards his role as the undisputed founder of Astronism as well as towards his status of chosenness to lead the revival in astronomical religions and the organisation of the Astronic tradition.

Spacefaring World

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The Spacefaring world is a fictional universe that was first created and developed by Cometan towards the end of the era of The Founding of Astronism, specifically during the first few months of The Year of Completion. It developed as a consequence of Cometan's mind returning back towards the role of the Jesse Millette stories and the Millettarian characters in the wider realm of Astronic culture and literature that Cometan had been focused on developing for years prior.

The Spacefaring world would come to encapsulate the Jesse Millette character and the stories of which he was a part including The Original Jesse Millette Series and was an integral part of them undergoing a process of astronisation.


It is undoubted that both the Nancy Drew Series and the Hardy Boys Series of mysteries hold a huge influence over the general demeanour, themes, and idillic atmosphere of the Jesse Millette mystery books, and as quoted by Taylorian, he loved to read both of these series. Taylorian was particularly interested in the life and authorship of Mildred Wirt Benson, the writer of many of the Nancy Drew books. Other notable works that are held to have influenced Taylorian, especially the Jesse Millette mystery books, are Vango by Timoethée de Fombelle, as well as the Enid Blyton mystery books.


Main article: Foundership and Foundership of Astronism

The foundership of Cometan refers to the role of Cometan as the sole, undisputed founder of Astronism and the identity, works, efforts, and events involved with the founding of Astronism. Cometan's foundership involves his own identity and explores the role of what it means to be the founder.


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The entrepreneurship of Cometan is one of the aspects of the career and the identity of Cometan and includes all instances in which Cometan was required to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, particularly during The Establishment of Astronism era whereby he developed The Institution as well as all its subsidiaries, principal of which was


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Taylorian, along with many of his cousins, enjoyed many years of piano lessons on his grandparents’ baby grand which eventually culminated in him attending the Heylings music school, based in Chorley, Lancashire. By the age of nineteen, Taylorian had participated in examinations up to grade five level, as well as a grade four music theory qualification, both of which were awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). After participating in his grade five assessment, Taylorian’s musical interests turned towards the composition of pieces and songwriting whilst still under the tutorage of the Heylings music school.

Taylorian's tutorage at Heylings music school ended abruptly towards the end of 2018 due to his long-time music teacher, Dean Meadows, being taken ill and the loss of one of Taylorian's earliest compositional works by his new teacher which lead to his dissociation with the school. The loss of his work due to malpractice of his teacher caused a halt in Taylorian's composition and songwriting for many months, partly due to his personal dejection towards the issue and his decision to focus on the final portion of the Omnidoxy during the Year of Completion.

Lectureship and scholarship

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The lectureship of Cometan refers to Cometan's career as a lecturer and the years leading up to his achievement of a job in lecturing. In a wider sense, the lectureship of Cometan involves all of his involvement in the academic sphere as distinct from his other philosophical, non-fiction, and commercial fiction works.


Main article: Padronship

The padronship of Cometan refers to the role, identity, and office of Cometan as the First Padron of The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism. It involves the policies he implemented while padron, the systems and operations he developed, and the overall set of methods he undertook to manage The Institution.

Personal life

Genealogy and ancestry

Main article: Ancestry of Cometan

The genealogy and ancestry of Cometan is a topic of study within cometanology dealing with finding out who the ancestors of Cometan were so as to develop a greater understanding of Cometan's heritage. Cometan's interest in his genealogy emerged during The Year of Completion.

Major events


Main article: Primary school, High school, College, University, and Auto-didacticism

Cometan's education began when he was four years old when he was admitted into St Mary and St Benedict's RC Primary School in his hometown of Bamber Bridge in 2002. He was there for a total of seven years until 2009 when he was admitted into the nearby high school called Brownedge St Mary's where he stayed for a further five years and graduated with a total of eight GCSE's in 2014 during the final month of The Year of The Gift.

Cometan then went on to be admitted into Cardinal Newman College, a Catholic sixth college close to the centre of Preston that was formerly known as Lark Hill Convent. Cometan was in attendance at the college for a total of two years after which he graduated in the summer of 2016 with three A Levels in the subjects of English Literature, English Language, and Media Studies.

The next stage of Cometan's education took a two dimensional turn as he began to teach himself of subjects that he had not previously learnt such as theology, philosophy, and politics. This marked the beginning of Cometan's auto-didacticism that arguably never ceased even years later. These autodidactic activities coincided with Cometan's admission into the University of Central Lancashire's degree programme for a bachelor of arts degree in Business and Marketing. It would be three years later after coupled with extensive expansion of his autodidactic abilities and knowledge that he graduated with a first class degree from UCLan along with a CMPR Divisional Prize for Best Project and a placement on the prestigious Dean's List to commemorate his academic achievements.

Notable images

Religious affiliation

Taylorian has been a baptised member of the Roman Catholic Church from early childhood and was surrounded by religious imagery, antiques, prayers, and regular mass attendance from an early age and throughout his childhood. This was due to the high religiosity of his grandparents, Derek and Irene Taylor, particularly his grandmother, who intended for Taylorian and two of his closest cousins, Martin and Thomas, to become priests, though this never materialised for any of them. Irene Taylor was purportedly a member of the Catholic lay sect, Opus Dei as she held close affiliations with various different Opus Dei-funded organisations, including Greygarth Hall, and Mrs Taylor was a confirmed member of the Latin Mass Society.

This staunch religious infusion in his childhood is considered to have had a strong influence on Taylorian during his later teenage years as he used many of the terms, iconographies, devotions, and concepts of various religions and incorporated these into his development of Astronism. Taylorian's interest in religion particularly spiked during his construction of the Omnidoxy as it was through religion that he discovered philosophy. 

Principal teachings

Some of the most important and impactful unique beliefs and teachings introduced and developed by Cometan include the following:

Main philosophical and religious contributions


Main article: Astronism, Cometanism

The most well-known contribution that Cometan has made to the realms of both philosophy and religion is his sole founding of Astronism which birth both Astronist philosophy and Astronism itself as a synthesis of religion and philosophy. Cometan's contributions made through Astronism have consisted of an immense variety beliefs, concepts, theories, and terms that have made impacts across all the disciplines of theology and philosophy. One of the most prolific among these is Cometan's contributions to metaphilosophy and his creation and subsequent contributions to metareligion. Chief among Cometan's contributions to religious life and spirituality were the myriad of beliefs and practices that came together to form Astronism.

Astronic tradition

Main article: Astronic tradition, Astronic philosophy, Millettic philosophy, Astronic religions

Another essential aspect of Cometan's contributions to religion and philosophy was his organisation of the Astronic tradition which founded and compiled a range of religions, philosophies, and spiritualities that had existed since the time of the Stone Age to form a new coherent tradition. The Astronic tradition came to represent all astronomical religions, nature religions, and human religions as well as various associated philosophies relevant to the beliefs and worldviews of those religions. The Astronic tradition developed into a fully-fledged tradition of religion and philosophy to stand alongside the other great traditions including the Abrahamic, Dharmic, and Taoic groups.

Cosmic philosophy

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Cometan's principal contribution directly to philosophy itself was his creation and establishment of a new branch of philosophy which he named cosmic philosophy. Cosmic philosophy was set out by Cometan to consider previously unorganised questions regarding the nature of space and celestial bodies, the role and identity of astronomy, as well as the nature of The Cosmos. However, arguably the most important aspect of cosmic philosophy was the questions it posed regarding humanity's exploration of space and the vast array of questions that were arising during Cometan's early life due to humanity being on the cusp of their explorative endeavours in space.


Main article: Millettarianism, Spacism

As a consequence of Cometan's contributions to the realms of religion and philosophy, his ideas also transversed these spheres and entered that of ideology thus owing to the development of Millettarianism, the principal within which is spacism which is considered to be Cometan's greatest contribution to ideology and political philosophy. Intertwined with the beliefs, values, and aims engrained within Astronism, spacism is an ideology born out of astrocentrism; the belief that societal institutions should be subject to cosmocentricity.

Influence and legacy

Main articles: Cometanic impact on religion, Cometanic philosophy, Cometanic culture, Celebrity of Cometan, Cometanic literature, and Cometan and space exploration


Main article: Cometanology

Cometanology is the discipline of study formed to deal with the study of the personage of Cometan, the identity and role of Cometan, the life and ontology of Cometan, as well as the abilities and beliefs regarding Cometan. Cometanologists are specialists in the study of the life and teachings of Cometan relate the actions and events in Cometan's life to the development of the Astronist belief system.

Role in Astronism

Main article: Cometan in Astronism, Foundership of Astronism, Prophethood of Cometan, Authorship of the Omnidoxy, and Promulgator of the Cosmic Truth

Cometan is the central figure of Astronism and the undisputed founder of the organised philosopher. Furthermore, Cometan is considered, particularly by Institutional Astronism, to have been chosen for his role as the founder of Astronism; this is known as Cometan's status of chosenness. Cometan is the sole author of the founding book of Astronism called the Omnidoxy which reaffirmed by Cometan's role as the founder of Astronism as well as his preternatural abilities.

Cometan played a central, fundamental, and unambiguous role in the founding of Astronism and the origins of Astronism solely rest with the personage of Cometan. Desginated with many titles to emphasise different aspects of his role in Astronism, Cometan's prophethood, authorship, foundership, and philosophership are all studied as part of the wider contemplation of his role within Astronism.

States and experiences

Main articles: Revelations, Personal inspirations, Chosenness, and Invocation of Cometan

The states and experiences of Cometan involve the experiences felt by the religious that involve Cometan in some way, particularly the invocation of Cometan. However, other aspects involve beliefs regarding the revelatory abilities and preternaturality of Cometan in addition to his status as being chosen for founding Astronism as the central part of his existential purpose and destiny.

Cometanic preternaturalism

Main article: Astronist preternaturalism

The preternaturality of Cometan, also referred to as Cometanic miracles, is the set of miraculous or otherwise supernatural abilities attributed to Cometan during his life and are those which are believed in Astronism to be accurate and true of his character and ability.

The two main examples of Cometan's preternaturality, or abilities considered demonstrative of Cometan's higher or preternatural abilities are his indrucies and his subsequent surography that he expected during his adolescent years which came to form Astronism.

Cometanic ontology

Main article: Cometanic ontology

The study of Cometan's ontology refers to the study of the being and the nature of being of the personage of Cometan as well as the historicity, verifiability, logicality and rationality for the existence of two personages; Brandon Taylorian and Cometan.

Cometanic beliefs

Main article: Cometanocentrism and Removalism

Cometanic beliefs are the beliefs of Asronism that in some way involve Cometan, the two most prominent of which include cometanocentrism and removalism.


Main article: Cometanism

Cometanism is the belief orientation of Cometan in relation to Astronism. Cometanism is the collection of beliefs and opinions that are verifiably held by Cometan towards the various different topics addressed within Astronism. Cometanism can also be described as a denomination of Astronism due to it involving a series of beliefs towards Astronism.

Cometan in the Omnidoxy

Main article: Cometan in the Omnidoxy

Cometan is the sole author of the Omnidoxy which he uses a multitude of forms of writing to create including poetry, definitional writing, musings, philosophical investigations, quotations and narratives. Additionally, a varied mixture of the use of first, second, and third person can be identified throughout the Omnidoxy. Cometan often reaffirms himself as holding such a title and reconfirms his authorship of the text itself a multitude of times.



Main article: Astronist perspective on Cometan

The Astronist understanding of Cometan is that Cometan, on the day of his fifteenth birthday, began receiving a series of revelations that lead to his subsequent founding of a new religion and that there was a certain preternaturality attached to his abnormal abilities which were later manifested and evidenced through his sole creation of the Omnidoxy, a book of two million words, across only a five year period whilst still in his adolescent years. Cometan is regarded by Astronists to be the founding of their organised philosophy, the leader of the popularisation of astronomical religions, and the organiser of the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies.


Main article: Astronic perspective on Cometan

The Astronic perspective on Cometan involves the range of notions and opinions regarding the validity of the personage of Cometan and his efforts in the organisation of the Astronic tradition from the perspective of Astronic religions other than Astronism which namely included Astrology, Astrolatrism, humanism, and some nature religions.


Main article: Criticism of Cometan

Criticism of Cometan has existed ever since he began speaking of his ideas and beliefs to his family and friends during his adolescent years and naturally even more so when he began to project these teachings into the public sphere. Criticism of Cometan typically comes in the form of skepticism towards the notion of him holding preternatural abilities and regarding his experiences of revelation, personal inspiration, and indrucy, particularly as part of wider questions regarding the origins of the Omnidoxy and as a subsequence, the origins of Astronism itself. In addition to this, criticism of Cometan's ideas and teachings from both academic philosophers and theologians as well as laypeople have become more frequent as Cometan's public persona and celebrity have grown.


Main article: Historicity of Cometan and Historical Cometan

The historicity of Cometan can be considered as a branch of cometanology dealing with the question of whether the personage of Cometan can be regarded as a historical figure, especially in relation to what is believed as part of Astronism. This question and the investigations surrounding it form what is known as the Historical Cometan which is the Cometan that is regarded by academics, particularly thouse outside of Astronism, to live and to have had the abilities of, particularly in contrast to the preternatural abilities ascribed to Cometan in the Astronist belief system.

Non-Astronist religions

Main article: Non-Astronist perspective on Cometan

Currently, Cometan is not given specific recognition in any non-Astronist religions with the possibility of certain denominations holding an unfavourable view of the founder of Astronism.

Depiction in arts and media

Main article: Depiction of Cometan and Cometan in art

In the current era, Cometan has been depicted a multitude of times in various forms of art, both in paintings and drawings as well as in photographs and now more increasingly on film. In paintings and drawings of Cometan, exaggerated forms of his personage have been expressed, particularly reflecting Cometan's beliefs and teachings either alongside him as a figure or on his body, particularly his face, arms and hands.

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  1. At the age of 19, he adopted the mononym Cometan to reflect his Astronist faith.
  2. At the age of 17, he informally changed his surname to Taylorian.