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Cover for Cometanic Ancestry book published in 2020.

Cometan's Ancestral Stories is an upcoming series of videos and films that will document Cometan's endeavours to uncover the truths of his ancestry in Lancashire and beyond, including legacy videos and interviews with some of his relatives.

Cast by episode

Cast and production overview
Person Seasons
1 2 3
Cometan Cast Cast/Production
Hilda Warbrick Cast Guest
William Warbrick Production Cast
Monica Ann Bolton Cast
Louise J. Counsell Cast Cast/Production

Cast by season

Cast members by season
Cast members Seasons
Cometan Cast
Hilda Warbrick Cast
Louise J. Counsell Cast
Monica Anne Bolton Cast
William Warbrick Cast

List of Cometan's Ancestral Stories episodes

# Title Featured cast Type Viewership (YouTube only) Date of recording Date of publication
Season 1 (2020–2021)
1 Legacy Video of Hilda Warbrick Cometan, Hilda Warbrick, William Warbrick Legacy video TBA 5th November 2020 TBA
2 Legacy Video of Monica Anne Bolton Cometan, Hilda Warbrick, Monica Anne Bolton, Louise J. Counsell, William Warbrick Legacy video TBA 15th March 2021 TBA
3 Legacy Video of William Warbrick Cometan, Louise J. Counsell, William Warbrick Legacy video TBA 15th June 2021 TBA

Seasons by time period

Seasons by time period
Season Time period No. of episodes
Season 1 November 2020 – June 2021 3

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