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Cometan's Completion of Master's Dissertation

Cometan's Completion of Master's Dissertation is a notable image of Cometan taken outside the Italian Orchard restaurant near the city of Preston on 29th August 2020. As the thirty-ninth notable image, it succeeds Contemplating in the Merewood Orangery which had been taken just over a month prior and precedes Cometan & The Great Moon of London.

This image entails Cometan holding a printed version of his completed Master's Dissertation in front of a restaurant in Lancashire wearing a black blazer, black shoes, and a white shirt. Cometan smiles from ear to ear as the photo is taken by his sister Charlotte Sophia.

The research title of Cometan's Master's Dissertation is as follows: Do the interactions between astronomy and religion, beginning in prehistory, form a distinct religious tradition?

This image is distributed the publisher Photography Lately and its copyrights are held by the Millettarian Photographic Institute.

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