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Cometan & The Great Moon of London

Cometan & The Great Moon of London is a notable image of Cometan taken on the banks of the River Thames in London beside the Victoria Embankment Gardens in Charing Cross on 26th October 2020. As the fortieth notable image, it succeeds Cometan’s Completion of Master’s Dissertation and precedes The Space Religion Lecture.

The image entails Cometan smiling with the London Eye lit in pink lights and the Moon behind him. This image was taken by Cometan’s younger sister Charlotte Sophia during their October 2020 trip to London. The lunar theme of this notable image is emblematic of Cometan's Astronist identity and faith.

It was designated a notable image by the Astronist Institution on 2nd December 2020. This image is distributed the publisher Photography Lately and its copyrights are held by the Millettarian Photographic Institute.

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