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Second iteration of the Cometan logo published on 1st July 2021.

First iteration of the Cometan logo created in November 2018.

The Cometan logo is the main commercial identifier and brand unique to the person of Cometan. It is owned by the Astronist Institution and is used across the majority of commercial products of Cometan, including the website of Cometan at The logo comes in several different forms, but the version most numerously used has black text and a light blue comet.

The Cometan logo is one of two main visual signifiers of Cometan, the other being the autograph of Cometan.

The Cometan logo is an important element of the commercialisation of Cometan.


Following Cometan's decision when he was nineteen in 2018 to adopt the mononym as his primary identifier in his public life, the first iteration of the Cometan logo was created in November 2018. The second iteration of the Cometan logo was published on 1st July 2021 on and as part of a special episode of A Conversation with Cometan. This iteration is expected to be used for at least part of the Establishment era.

Timeline of iterations

Timeline of iterations
Iteration Period of use Features and theme
1 November 2018 – July 2021 Comet above the letters; letters grey and comet blue.
2 July 2021 – present Golden "C", golden comet raps around the "C" shoots through the "A", letters other than the "C" are grey.

"Kometan" version

Second iteration of the Kometan logo published on 1st July 2021.

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