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Not to be confused with Cometanic Astronism.

Cometanism (/ˈkɒmɪtˈænɪz(ə)m/), also known as the Cometanist school of thought, is the philosophy of Cometan and the philosophical, religious and ideological systems closely derived from and influenced by it. With its origins closely tied to the life of Cometan, Cometanism developed as a personal philosophy alongside Astronism that covers a wide range of topics from discussions of sexuality to Cometanic lectureship.

The application of the term "Cometanism" has become broadened in colloquial dialogue to sometimes encompass the entirety of Astronism, or of cosmic philosophy itself. Although officially classified as having derived from Astronist and Millettic philosophy, Cometanic philosophy was fundamental in the earliest developments of them both.

Cometan essentially advocated for a widespread re-conception of humanity's place in The Cosmos based on the theories of heliocentrism and cosmic pluralism which had developed in the centuries prior to his life. In Cometan's belief, this would result in the Astronisation of society so as to achieve astrocentrism; a society in which astronomical religion, cosmic philosophy, and spacist ideology were central pillars.

Also important to Cometanism is contributionism, the transcensionist notion that our contributions to society provide us with existential purpose in furthering human civilisation as a way of fulfilling the proposed need for transcendental fulfilment.


Main article: Cometanism (appellation)

In colloquial dialogue, Cometanism may be used an alternative, eponymous appellation for Astronism, named after its founder, Cometan.

In addition to this role, the appellation also holds an important part in the development of contributionism and is also closely associated to Cometanic love within amatology. Cometanism is often used as the appellation to refer to all instances in which Astronist philosophy has contributed to other philosophies as well as various religious philosophies.

Cometanism encompasses all of these contributions and formulates a structure for the main concepts contributed to other systems of thought that are attributed to Cometan.