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Cometanology (/ˈkɒmɪtˈænɒlədʒɪ/), literally "the understanding of Cometan," also known as cometanics, or cometanic studies, and less commonly referred to as Taylorianology, is the dispositional discipline of Astronism and discipline of study dealing with contemplations and theories surrounding the nature (personage), and the works of Cometan (role in transcension).

It studies the dimensions of Cometan's personhood, the significance of his life events to Astronist belief, and the wider role he plays in the achievement of humanity's transcension. Cometanology also encompasses two branches of study that include:

Several titles have been attributed and self-attributed to Cometan from the inception of Astronism as the exploration and expansion of the personage of Cometan occurred. These have contributed to the etymology of Cometan and have highlighted particular aspects of his role within Astronism and his wider identity.

The study of the personage of Cometan has been equated with a greater understanding of the beliefs of Astronism and the origins of the organised philosophy.

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