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This article is about a non-fiction entity related to the Astronist belief system or the Astronic tradition.
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A conclusatory discourse is a type of discourse in the Omnidoxy that is found at the end of every disquisition and is contrasted with an introductory discourse which is found at the beginning every discourse. Unlike introductory discourses, conclusatory discourses do not necessarily conclude the disquisition explicitly, but they instead just act as the final discourse of the disquisition.

List of conclusatory discourses of the Omnidoxy

The Monodoxy

The Topography of The Cosmos

The Duodoxy

The Natures of The Divine

The Tridoxy

Introduction to the Elements of Orrology

The Tetradoxy

The Divergences of Centricity

The Pentadoxy

The Grand Journals of Philosophies & Ideologies

The Hexadoxy

Conceptual Theory

The Septidoxy

The Psychonautics of Astronism

The Octadoxy

The Advancement of Humanity

The Nonodoxy

A Short Discourse on Constantiation & Inconstantiation

The Decadoxy

Institutional Policymaking

The Hendecadoxy

Astronomical Commemoration

The Dodecadoxy

The Cosmic Era of Millettarian Mystology