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Contemplating in the Merewood Orange. 38th notable image of Cometan.

Contemplating in the Merewood Orangery is the ascribed title of a notable image of Cometan that was taken during the celebration of Cometan's mother's 50th birthday at Merewood Country House Hotel in Windermere, England. As the thirty-eighth notable image, it succeeded Cometan's 22nd Birthday at Brooklands and preceded Cometan's Completion of Master's Dissertation.

The image was taken in the ornate orangery of the country house as Cometan sat in deep contemplation over the religion of Astronism and his future career. The image is dated to 17th July 2020 and upon being taken, was promptly classified by the Astronist Institution as a notable image.

This image is now under copyright protection by the Millettarian Photographic Institute and is distributed by the publisher, Photography Lately.

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