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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Coportance, or a coportant figure of Astronism, is a classification of the figures of Astronism denoting a person that has contributed to the religion without their knowledge of doing so. Coportant figures are often those whom have personally known Cometan or another Astronist figure and have significantly contributed to their upbringing or their ideological development, hence having indirectly contributed to Astronism.

For this reason, being classified as a coportant figure is often considered to be the hardest classification to achieve as it requires thorough due diligence into how that person has shown particular influence or involvement with the figure to which they are purported to be connected to.

List of coportant figures of Astronism

Below is a list of the coportant figures of Astronism providing their date of birth, the era during which they are classified as a minor figure and a brief note regarding their contributions.