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Cosmic Hunt

ˈkɒzmɪk hʌnt


a collection of astronomical myths originating in the Upper Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age with many variations on the basic story of a hunter-gatherer(s) wounding a large mammal and its soul rising to the stars where it transforms into the constellation Ursa Major to denote death; this myth collection has recently classified as integral to the origins of the Astronic tradition.

Extended description
The Cosmic Hunt mythology represents the first instance of belief in transtellation and affirms the origins of the Astronic tradition in prehistoric times. Over eighty-eight variants of the myth have been recorded with the oldest being the Western Siberian variant. The Cosmic Hunt is proven to have originated sometime during the Palaeolithic prior to 15,000 BCE so that it may have dispersed across the Bering land bridge in the Americas where the mythology established new traditions and variants. It has been argued by Cometan that the Cosmic Hunt is certainly the beginning of star lore, that it played an integral part in the origins of astronomical religion, and may even represent earliest mythology. 

Origin and etymology

  • the title of Cosmic Hunt is pre-Cometanic in its origin. It denotes a prehistoric hunt for game as involving the powers of the astronomical world.