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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The Cosmic Limitation Principle, also referred to as cosmic limitation, or simply as limitationism, refers to the affirmation that the fundamental nature of all that is cosmic, meaning all that which resides within or as part of The Cosmos in the Millettarian cosmology, holds a limited nature rather than an unlimited, or infinite nature which is the hallmark of extracosmicality. Essentially, sentient and non-sentient beings, the natural environment, cosmic progeny, and cosmic phenomena residing within The Cosmos or any of the other cosmoses of The Universe in the Millettarian cosmology are all considered to hold limited natures and ontologies.

This means that nothing that holds this limited cosmic nature and that resides within The Cosmos can ever escape The Cosmos either physically, mentally, intellectually etc. because in doing so, that entity would defy its own nature of being.